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Thread: Sneaking in supplies

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    Default Sneaking in supplies

    Well I bought some Boots Staydry Night today and the wife has gone to bed so I've just sneaked them into the house. Never tried these ones before so here goes, as I'm bursting.

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    I have been wearing Boots Staydry Night pants for about a year and find them quite comfy and absorbent especially under my frilly pvc lined nappy cover.

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    Well I've been cautious and controlled my wetting as I don't won't to leave a wet spot on the sofa and so far no leaks. The do feel very comfy.

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    Well I've been cautious and controlled my wetting as I don't won't to leave a wet spot on the sofa and so far no leaks. They are quite comfy.

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    Good for you, it's always good to try new products

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    Beginning to sag so I've had to put on some pants (underwear to my US friends) so I can keep wearing them all night.

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    Well it's the morning and I'm laying in a wet patch. I woke up on my front and needed to go only to feel it leaking. I stopped, turned over, readjusted myself, tugged them up a bit and carried on. That did the trick. Now my problem is getting to the bathroom without the kids of my wife seeing the very obvious dark patch on on pants. I also need to clean and dry the mattress.

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    Hard luck, that always happens, but you need to know how much it holds

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    Leaks will happen. Try to minimize them, but don't expect to eliminate them. Think about how to deal with it and be ready when it happens, because it will happen from time to time.

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    Or you could admit to your wife that you must have leaked urine last night and don't know why.

    Not really a good idea to be sneaking around behind the wife.

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