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Thread: Am I a loser?

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    Default Am I a loser?

    Okay, my parents were asking and urging me to go out and do something tonight, my response...Sitting on the computer is free. This is my routine on a saturday night...

    1.Work on my website
    2. Play some video games
    3. More coding

    It has been atleast 3 months since I hung out with a friend on a weekend. I am 17 and have NEVER been on a date, or hung out with a girl, ever! I don't go out anywhere much, because it costs too much, hence why I work on my website, to earn me money. So, my question is this., do you all think I am a loser or loner for acting the way I act?

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    I think you should go out and enjoy life alittle more but your doing what makes you happy.

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    No one is a loser who's doing something that is productive and makes him happy.

    God forbid you don't completely conform to social mores.

    Not everyone derives enjoyment from hanging out with a group of people on a Friday night.

    You're just an introvert. The world is predominantly extroverted, and people think that there's something "wrong" with introverts. There's not. You're just different.

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    My Mon - Fri Routine: Sleep Or Computer, School, 1/2 Hour Ride Home On The Bus, Computer, Off At 10:30, Sleep / Watch TV, Then Sleep.

    Fri Night - Sunday: Up ALL Night On The Computer, Sleep All Day, Up All Night On The Computer, Sleep All Day, On The Computer Till 10:30, Watch TV Till I Fall Asleep.

    I Think I'm Worse? :P

    -200th Post. :P

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    Absolutely not! Dude... pretty much your kind like doing your priorities... but remember you can be to stingy...

    So what I am saying is your definitely not a loser, but you are asking this question... so it seems to be that you want to go out on the weekends. If you don't and your asking out of peer pressure well shame on the people who make you feel that way.

    Of course being too stingy (spending wise) is not good either. You have to live your life sometime. What is the point in just making money if you are never going to use it. I mean yes you can work your ass off so you can make money to afford a house and means of living... but seriously you got to have fun too.

    Although your fun might be enjoying coding and working on websites and playing video games. Well all the more power to you. There are some people out there who just love to be to themselves. They don't like going out and they are not social. What makes them happy is being alone and doing what they like to do best. So if this is what it is then so be it... it does not make you a loser!

    Also though if you have that feeling about you that you are a loser ( because you want to go out, but afraid of rejection) well you need to get out then!!! Worst thing you can do is sit back and not do something when you want to. Yes you might be rejected at first, but you will find you spot in things.

    It is like dating... starting out is so difficult because you have no idea where to start. After a few dates you get the hang of it and become more relaxed and it becomes easier. Also if you never do these things it will be some what harder because you will by shy and timid most likely. You just need to get out and do things. If you really want to get social get involved with volunteer programs (that is an excellent way to meet people... and even meet dates ) Make sure you volunteer for something you like though.

    Like I use to volunteer at the animal shelter... it was like jackpot central... a ton of hott girls... plus they all thought it was great for what I was doing. Then volunteers had get together nights and everyone had a great time. There is just a lot of places you could volunteer for... get out there and find them if you want to be social. You will meet a lot of people. (and most of the time they are really friendly.) Get out and have fun. Be yourself and take it easy. If someone is a jerk... then obviously you don't want them as a friend anyways. So that it just a good way to meet different people and get involved with different things.

    So what it comes down to is what you want to do.

    If you enjoy being alone at home and just coding and enjoying games by all means DO THAT... it makes you happy! Not a loser!

    But if you feel that you want to get out... try and get out.

    As long as your happy that what counts...

    So BE HAPPY is what this whole thing says. :P

    lol sorry for the long short story. :P

    Best of luck!


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    No. I don't think you're a loser. Your life is for you. You don't have to conform to everything "normal" according to society. Just do what you like to do.

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    I only go out when people ask me. I'm kinda split I hang out with people somewhat often I guess. Honestly, most Fridays and weekends i'll get texts from people but I usually turn down their offers to hang out because I just prefer to be alone and do my own thing.

    If I do hang out with people its always been on Fridays I think. I like weekends to be me time.

    Eh...I wouldn't say you're a LOSER, but definitely by social norms you're in the "no life" category. Not always a bad thing at least you're doing something fairly productive.

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    If you have to ask, then yes. But it's for you to decide. Do you think you are a loser, or do you think that society thinks that you are a loser. That's what it all goes down to. What does a loser really mean. The social world seems to classify it in many ways, but that doesn't mean it's the right definition. Look at it this way: do you enjoy how you spend your day, or do you feel that you could be doing more with your time. You're the only one who can change your ways, so instead of trying to define yourself, try to see why you think you are a loser. It's not good to think negatively about yourself like that.

    I typed all of that on my iPod. It was a pain in the ass.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think that if you're 17 and you've already figured out a way to have an income stream, you are NOT a loser. When I was 17, my average Saturday night also involved working a job in order to earn some money.

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