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Thread: Rearz / AC Medical order arrived in UK

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    Default Rearz / AC Medical order arrived in UK

    Whoopee! Got my order from Rearz in Canada at last. Some of it is vintage-ish AC Medical stuff. Took about 5 weeks to get to UK, then its been about 1.5 weeks at customs and being sent across UK.

    On a 60 (Inc postage) order I got charged 8 VAT and 8 Parcel force handling fee (a bummer on small orders as its a fixed 8).

    However the products are great: more on this later!

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    Just buy from ABDLfactory next time if you're in the UK - at least for the Rearz diapers.

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    AC was always shit quality junk, never understood them and their attempt to pretend it was a medical company, when all the products were for the fetish market.
    But then they deny US.

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