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    One of my core friends has been working for a company for awhile and just offered me a job in their tech division. I'm willing to try it, but I feel slightly worried about the whole thing. Those question pop up. "What is I can't do it?" or "Could this be a mistake?" I horrible with change. I know it's something It'll happen no matter what, but it's still really nerve racking. I wanted something new and this might be it. The pay is said to be better than what I'm getting now, and I think I would get weekends off as well. I still don't know.

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    Regret the things in life you do, not the things you didn't do.

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    You friend is confident that you are able to do the job. Go for it. Change allows for growth.

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    What you don't know you'll learn. I'm not saying fake it till you make it, just have confidence in the skills and knowledge you already have. Few people enter anything new as an expert. Think of it as a new gaming experience, you are unaware of the new challenges, but you know you have the skills to face them and conquer them. Go for it dude, sounds like a good opportunity for growth.

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    I'm usually not the kind of person to tell someone they should or shouldn't do anything, but I really do think you should seriously consider this offer.

    First of all, it's hard enough in this economy to get any job offer so kudos on that, it's an achievement. Be proud of that.

    Secondly, you have been miserable for years in your current employment and it hasn't gotten any better. It has been eating away at both your mental and physical health. I'm afraid that staying there will only cause you to be worse off and just more miserable and depressed. You deserve better.

    Thirdly, it's always difficult to leave behind something that is familiar, even if it makes you unhappy. It is natural to feel stressed and nervous about trying new things or changing your environment. However, if you don't try stretching your talents, you will remain stuck there and forever wondering what would have happened if you had taken it, and how much better your life would have been. Taking on new challenges is how we grow.

    Lastly, put aside all that junk in your mind that makes you question yourself or put yourself down. Trust yourself for what you are capable of doing. You have creativity, drive, energy and a strong work ethic. Any company would be lucky to have you. Have faith in yourself.

    Take the chance.... and choose.
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    I had a good job being the accompanist and assistant music director for a 3200 member Methodist Church, and yet I left to take a smaller job where I was the head music director and organist. It was scary, but it was a good move. Since then I've had a number of different jobs, and I was always nervous starting these jobs, but they all worked out. Now I'm at another church and have been in the job for over 12 years. I was nervous when I started that job as well, but everything has turned out well.

    I've always thought that "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and that one has to take risks in order to advance, and each time I've been right, and justified in making the job change. I hope that this works out well for you.

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