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Thread: My first ever Accident

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    Unhappy My first ever Accident

    Last night i had my first ever accident but fortunanly i was saved by my CLOTH diaper, sadly this is a diaper i only use for comfort and thickness over my plastic plants.... it was during the night, and i woke up with a wet diaper, it took a while to realize i only had my cloth diaper on!

    So im wondering if anyone would guide me on how to wash it? i tried hand washing it, without success

    So if anyone could post how to wash a cloth diaper with PVC outter cover in a washing machine and a dryer, i would highly appreciate it!

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    this is a diaper i only use for comfort and thickness over my plastic plants....


    I'm puzzled why you'd wear diapers OVER your plastic pants ... ???

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    well, i obviously have a diaper inside the plastic pants but sometimes i like it thick so i wear the cloth diaper for more comfort and thickness, cause i dont want it to get messy if my diaper leaks

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    The usual approach to products like that is a low-temperature wash ( 30-40C ,to avoid damaging the PVC), followed by air-drying. What exactly do you mean by "without success"?

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    well, i simply put it under the wash and scrubbed it xD wasnt very effect, only was for a few minutes, but i will try to wash it that way thanks

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    was your diaper wet or messy? you didn't say, but considering the difficulty you're having, I'm assuming not just wet?

    but hey, bright side... you were wearing a diaper!

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    nono, fortunanly just wetting but it has never happend to be before! so i had no idea what to do since it was cloth ;p

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    I've seen at least one cloth diaper manufacturer recommend Arm & Hammer with Oxiclean laundry detergent. That's what I use (I used it even before getting my first cloth diaper). There's also diaper-specific detergents out there, but I don't think you want someone asking why you have that. ;-)

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    i have a AIO i wear and i just throw it into the wash with my regular clothes. havent had an issue yet. easiest way imo

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    I have to wash stuff in the sink. I usually use oxyclean, I need a new bottle of it lol. If all you are washing is your diaper, then I suggest that approach.

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