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Thread: Best store-brand diaper?

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    Default Best store-brand diaper?

    Alright, so, I have 4 different stores in walking distance.

    1. Walgreens (<1mile)
    2. CVS (1.5</=2miles)
    3. Meijer (1.25miles EXACT)
    4. Walmart (1.35miles EXACT -note, the walmart is literally across the street from meijers)

    im trying to find a good store brand diaper, so... Give me a sign!

    (yes, when I say store-brand I mean diapers you can buy at a store, not necessarily Storebrand generic)

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    Wal-Greens, your choice is either Depends (my kind) or the Generic brand (which isn't so good in my opinion)

    I don't go to CVS or Meijer, so I don't know about them.

    Your choice is likely to be a bit bigger at Wal-Mart. Besides typical baby diapers, I believe they also have Depends, and of course GoodNites and Underjams. I don't usually do my diaper shopping there, so I'm not entirely sure...

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    Wal Mart...they have depends, tena (Pads and pull ups), Assurence, Poise, Goodnites, underjams, and baby diapers

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    I like CVS brand day/night briefs, they are cheap and work well, especially if you double diaper.

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    Default such thing as a 'best' store diaper...they're all uber terrible and not worth it. Something like Tena Ultras are maybe $1/per diaper and well worth the extra cents!

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    CVS brand and Wal-Greens brand are very similar, only real difference is the tapes now (CVS has better tapes)
    Both are OKAY.
    Not good, just okay.

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    Hit up the Walgreens or CVS. Their diapers are wonderful (for a store brand).

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    I say go with the Depends. That's about the best store bought diaper I've found.

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    Here most stores either carry a generic brand (usually something made by Tyco), the basic 6 tape Attends (so-so quality), or if yoiur lucky Tena Super (some still have the tapes, not the stupid velcro-like things). Some stores also carry Kendall Lille and I have seen one store carrying McKesson - which I have no idea how good that is.

    Depends is also widely carried - either the pull-up variety or the Maximums.
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