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Thread: diaperspace account problemm ;/

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    Default diaperspace account problemm ;/

    hii guyss im new heree (:

    erm well ever since i changed my username on diaperspace i couldn't log back in! ;/
    i've checked all over diaperspace and stuffs for answers but they still haven't fixed the bug and apparently everyone who has had the same problem has just deleted their accountt.
    But how did they delete their account if they're locked out?

    gahh i really want it backk too! ;[

    any help would be great guys (:
    i know it doesn't sound to answerable, sorryyy!

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    They've had warning about changing your name on there, and they say not to do it until they have fixed it. Why not just make another account, and wait until they fix it. They probably delete their account by emailing the webmaster

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    Butterfly Mage


    Hmmm... I haven't by there in months. Hardly anyone there ever posts so I sorta lost interest. I was considering deleting my account there but that always seems like an emo/drama action.

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    ooerr, whos the webmaster? ;o
    i'd be more than happy to have my account deleted and started up again, i just don't want to use a different emaill, cus then i'd have all my notifications coming into a different accounts ;/

    my fault for not reading the username change thinggyy!

    so how can i get my account deleted and set back up? (:

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    The webmaster is the one who has the pink star avatar, and is like your first friend. You could have another email and have them forward to your other email, but not all emails allow for forwarding of messages.

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    oo then that would probably be 'CreatorCali'.
    I've sent her a couple of messages but i dont think she's been on in a whilee ;o

    gahh, just wait it out i guess noww ;/

    what a suckkyy bugg thoughh! :|

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    Yes, that's her. I knew her name, but I just needed to see it to know for sure.

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    okies (:
    well thannkies for yourr help n stuffss! ^_^
    and especially for replyingg so quicklyy ;D

    i just hopee i can get this sortedd!
    i have so many lovelyy people to speakk too tbh! (:

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    Replying quickly is one of my amazing skills on this site apparently.

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    ooft you are quickk! :|
    ahaa xD

    oo can i askk a questionn?
    are there any other sites like diaperspace that are betterr?
    so like myspace and stuffss.

    It's just diaperspace doesn't have an overall good layout tbh ;/

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