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    I have Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart in Florida. What do they carry. I do not want to stand in the isle long. I want to wear on an airplane. I might just wear Goodnites but I am willing to go less discreet. Are Depends really that bad?

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    Selection varies between stores. It all depends upon demand in your local area. If it's Florida, then my guess is that there will be A LOT of adult diapers.

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    CVS: CVS Brand, Depends, Tena (pull up ones), and maybe Attends

    Walgreens: Same as CVS, except they have Walgreens brand (same as CVS brand though)

    Wal-Mart: Depends, some crap brand, Walmart brand (I forget what they're called)

    Of course they all have the typical younger people brands.

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    First off, I would not consider going to Walmart unless you are totally cool about going in there with the possible chance of being spotted. Walgreens and CVS are not as busy and it is easier to get out of there efficiently.

    I would also look at their websites just to see what they have: - Online pharmacy & drugstore, prescriptions, health information, photo center
    Online Pharmacy for Prescription Drugs - CVS Pharmacy Drug Store

    I have heard that CVS has a better variety to buy from than Walgreens (I shop at CVS so FYI). Most of them are store brands, Depends, your regular baby diapers, and sometimes Attends.

    In my opinion, Depends are not that bad (I wear Depends, and really, they are not that bad). If you plan on wetting them during the flight (which I would advice not to if it is a long flight), I would say Depends because they are easy to get and far more absorbent than Goodnites. However, if you want to keep it really discrete, I would go with Goodnites.

    I hope this has helped : )

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    What they have on their website isn't exactly the same as what they have in their store. Such as CVS, they have Molicare on their site, I believe, but they don't have them in their store.

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    What would be comparable to dry24/7 or Abeena x plus? Also were do I ditch dirty diapers on plane?Are there trash cans in the potty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    What would be comparable to dry24/7 or Abeena x plus? Also were do I ditch dirty diapers on plane?Are there trash cans in the potty?
    You aren't going to find anything close to those in a store. You're going to have to order, and if you're going to order, you might as well order those. I think there are trash cans on a plane (I'm not sure though, since I've never been on one), but I don't think you should put your diapers in them.

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    I would just recommend changing into a clean diaper in a restroom inside the airport terminal after you pass by security and everything. Then if you need to change just wait till you land. Of course if your going to wear on a airplane I suggest getting a good diaper which you won't really stand a chance of finding in most stores unless they are a medical supply store.

    The best place to get good adult diapers would be in hospital run drug stores (inside the hospital itself) or medical supply stores like I said.

    Of course my suggestion is just not wear a diaper on the flight and just use the bathroom like normally if you have to.

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