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    Talking Hlloo!

    Keinimus here, but ya can call me Kein.

    So I've been part of the ABDL community for at least 8 years now after I was introduced to it through some friends of Second Life. I also came across the Babyfur community, which really caught my interest. What got me into the paddage thing to begin with.. Oddly enough it started out with me hating paddage when I was a toddler. I was so self conscious about wearing em if it meant being checked or changed out in public, my folks would have a hard time keeping one on me. But for some reason, being forced to wear em made me like em.

    Considering the large amount of misinterpretation the media gives toward the community, I've kept this skeleton in the closet from my RL friends and family for over 20 years.

    Aside from that, I guess what brought me back to ADISC was after hearing a couple Babyfurs being in Charlotte, NC. They're pretty scarce, so I thought of wanting to hang out with more ABDLs if there are any in my area.

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    Hello Kein and welcome to the group.

    Very nice informative introduction.


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    Welcome, Kein! That was indeed a very nice intro.

    We all definitely understand the impulse to keep the lifestyle hidden from our friends and family. Some have a select few that they've shared with, many haven't. The good thing is that everyone here is guaranteed to already know, and approve.

    It sounds like you're in the Charlotte, NC area. I'm out in the Triangle. So, maybe not in the exact same area, but I think you're closer to me than a lot of other people I've seen. Only 125 miles.

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    Very very sorry everyone, I didn't realize I still had an account on here after putting it down for well over 5 years. :I I already sent an email to Moo about deleting the new account that made this greeting.

    But, besides that, yis. pretty much what the intro there says.

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    Hi and welcome. I love in central Virginia, so not so far away. I'm a professional musician. I hope you enjoy the site.

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