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Thread: Do you like to browse ABDL products without really wanting to buy it?

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    Default Do you like to browse ABDL products without really wanting to buy it?

    I do it a lot, just searching for and browsing anything ABDL that I can find. There's something comforting about lookig at the stuff, do you guys do it?

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    Yeah. Sometimes just looking at stuff and imagining that you have it is good enough. Which is good because that stuff doesn't come cheap.

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    Yeah. I definitely do a lot of window shopping for ABDL products with the intention of eventually buying it once I have a lot more money.

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    Absolutely. I do this for ABDL items as well as women's clothing. It's a form of window shopping without the crowds

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    I do that all the time (not only for AB stuff). Plus it's a good way to compare prices, or simply relax/daydreaming

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    Everytime I do, pretty much. Since I lack the funds for pretty much everything now, all I can do is look from afar, that is until I hopefully get the job I am trying to this summer. Still though even then all I can do is look since due to my residence at my parents' home, packages are often eye'd or even checked by my parents.

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    I do this not just with ABDL items, I like my cameras too. There something about just shopping and wishing for it, maybe that is a little's thing....

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    I do it to compare prices and find products that I can get latter. At the moment I can't ship things to my residence for same reason as silentdreamer1996. So I'm limited to brick mortar stores atm.

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    Its not that I look at it without wanting to buy it, it's that I look at AB/DL products without being able to buy it. I'd love to buy all of it.

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    I browse abdl products quite often it, helps me keep up to date on the prices etc. It is a nich market and a good example of this is the princess pink diapers that rearz has put there name on the ones they order. Over 4 bucks per diaper..... Thank god for north shore care supply and playful babish duck tape.

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