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    I have a roughly 36 inch waist and fit into a GoodNite rather snugly, though I can still manage. Do you think I'd be able to fit into a 4T/5T size Huggies pullup? Also, what are the differences in fit between the boy and girl versions?

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    I don't think you can, especially if the Goodnites are snug. They make bigger sized Huggies, and those are extremely tight on me, plus they don't come up high enough. The Goodnites are probably a much better choice. I wear those and I have a 32" waist.

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    Okay. Anything else you can easily find at a store like Walmart that you'd recommend? Currently I have GoodNites and Always Discreets.

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    No way can you fit in Pull-Ups. Your options are MAYBE Underjams, though those are generally a smaller/tighter fit than the Goodnites, or Adult Diapers sold in Wal-Mart. Good luck.

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    It will not fit trust me I'm a 38" waist and got them hoping for a miracle, I fit into Goodnites very well, underjams tend to rip apart at the front part of the sides don't get me wrong they are comfy and hold a lot just wish they had better sides, good luck hope you find something that works

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    Pull-ups don't fit me and I'm a 29in waist, eats boiled veggies all the time Skinny McVinny. Which is a shame because I'd love adult sized pull-ups (in a size between small and medium. I shall call it sexy size :p)

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    Realize that Pull-Ups are also going for an underwear-like fit, which means they don't have much rise, even on real toddlers. Even if you managed to address the waist size issue, the rise just won't cut it. It's a good deal lower than even a baby diaper.

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    Not a chance you'll fit into any potty training pants. Hopefully ABU or someone manages to get that done someday for us older folk.

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