View Poll Results: How do you pee in the toilet at home?

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  • Standing position, holding my penis with my hand

    71 55.47%
  • Standing position, but not touching my penis

    15 11.72%
  • Sitting position

    24 18.75%
  • I'm a girl, so sitting position

    8 6.25%
  • Other - please explain (but keep your description civilized)

    10 7.81%
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Thread: Male peeing habits

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    Default Male peeing habits

    This question has been on my mind for quite a while, partially because I once had a rather annoying roommate who was paranoid about pee drops on the toilet and nagged everyone about sitting down to pee, but moreso because of all the DLs/ABs who have a problem letting go in their diaper, especially in sitting or lying positions. I figure that using a diaper is difficult because it's not standard peeing position, especially for guys who normally pee standing up and holding their penis.

    So my question/topic is quite simple:

    When you're using your toilet at home just to pee, how do you do it, or more precisely: Which position do you pee in the toilet at home?

    This topic/question is mostly directed at the male population of ADISC. Due to their anatomy, girls don't have much of a choice in this matter.

    Oh, and this topic is a bit sensitive, so I put it into the Mature Topics forum.


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    I stand. I raise the toilet cover, and the seat, and I have at it. Are there really that many different methods? All I can think of are sitting and standing.

    Oh, I see (now that a poll is up). I hold it sometimes, and other times I don't.

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    I said other. Sometimes when I pee it goes in two directions, especially in the morning. I think I know what's happening but sometimes it's easier just to sit and not have to go through a cleaning process after. Other times I proudly stand, taking the bull by the horns so to speak.

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    I usually read on the "pot," even if it's for a minute of urination.

    Hey, it's how I keep ahead of my (post) mail.

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    I pee sitting down at home. It has proven to be the cleanest method, and it has the extra added bonus of keeping the seat down. My wife appreciates that. At work, it's standing only.

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    Ok, since 98% of the time I'm standing and hold it with my hand, that was my vote. (the other 2% of the time I'm killing two birds with one stone...if you understand)

    However, when I'm in a relationship (and sadly it's been 2 years since the last one) I will sit down to pee so as to avoid "rim splash", and to keep the seat down for my girlfriend.


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    I sit down if there is only a clean normal toilet. So yes, I never stand to pee at home. (unless I'm diapered )

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    I only pee off over-passes, and high rise buildings.

    Alernate Ending
    I'll usually go standing up, I don't particularly need to hold on to aim. Though on occasion I will sit to go, if I've been out all day and am a bit tired.

    My wife appreciates that.
    For those who don't know, girls want you to leave the seat down because they don't look before they sit, and fall in. Personally I think they deserve it, ALWAYS look before you sit.

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