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Thread: NorthShore Sureme diapers free samples

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    Thumbs up NorthShore Sureme diapers free samples

    I usually wear cloth diapers 24/7 with plastic pants except when traveling an hour or more away from home when I wear my Prevail disposables.

    I've heard some very nice things about the NorthShore Supreme diapers and decided to check out the site this past Monday. Checking the size chart, I wasn't sure about whether the best fit would be a medium or large. I opened up one of the chat lines and asked if I could purchase a sample pack of each size. I was told they would be happy to send me a sample pack of two in each size, no charge and free shipping. Fedex delivered then yesterday morning. Wow! Talk about service! I like them and the diapers a lot! I'll be placing an order this weekend. Anybody have anything to share about dealing with other sites?

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    Other than cookie based ads popping up, just clear your cookies and no problems, NorthShore has provided me with great products, great service and fun free samples with most orders for many years. XP Medical is another reliable, discrete supplier though no freebies the diapers often arrive before the shipping notice email. While both companys carry some of the same products they each have some unique lines too all worth trying.

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    Not other sites, but I just ordered my 8th case of NorthShore Supremes. And looking at my order history I saw that I have been wearing them every night to bed for 1 full year.

    They are my all-time favorite diaper so far

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    My favorite is still the DC Amor and the DC IDLY Diapers I use to like the old style dry care 24/7 before they changed to Confidry 24/7.

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    Northshore is brilliant. I've also had really good experiences with DC with their Idyl diapers.

    Sadly bambino, my longtime go-to has been sort of letting me down lately.

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    Yes out of all the brands I've worn those 2 are the best for fit and style and absorbency, I have been checking out some of the newer brands on AB universe
    Has any one compared the ABU Space diapers or the little paws brand with the DC Amor or IDYL diapers yet if you have let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKDL View Post
    Has any one compared the ABU Space diapers or the little paws brand with the DC Amor or IDYL diapers yet if you have let me know.
    I have all three and can compare them. The Paws and Space appear to be of identical construction. I thought I'd heard someone say that the paws have a minor boost in capacity and I get that impression from use, but it may be placebo effect or something like that. Both are extremely difficult to fill to capacity due to their very high level. Around half a galon practical usable capacity. The crotch on them is one of the widest available also. The liner is pretty soft.

    ASC kitten and Idyl are idenical models with a different print. They are slightly shorter front-to-back, and have a noticeably narrower crotch. The liner is extremely soft, feels like a cotton ball. Wicking is outstanding. Capacity is noticeably less than space. Rev1 tapes tend to pop, that's an issue that rev2 have fixed with stickier tapes. They don't seem to swell as much. (slightly lower percentage of SAP)

    Most other features are the same. Front/back elastic, good standing leak guards, good tape panel, smooth plastic shell, etc. I did notice one thing odd with a Paws recently - the liner came apart from the shell on one side, exposing the (very wet) sappy filler. Somehow I didn't end up with SAP beads everywhere or even really on me - it all just stayed in one mass in the crotch. I've seen that happen a few times with a bambino teddy but nowhere else.

    I would give all three full marks. They have some disginguishing features, but they're all good. Paws/Space have a bit higher capacity overnight, if you can stand the wider crotch. Kitten are easier to walk in and slightly softer liner, wick faster but don't feel as dry. Neither is really better than the other, it's just tradeoffs at this point.

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    i wish nortshore had a distributor in Canada shipping is just to expensive

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    Thanks for the info I have tried AB Universe products before and the were ok but did not seem to hold up the good and then I went to Dry Care 24/7 and was blown away with there comfort confidry does not seem to wick all that good and sometimes that causes seeping around the legs.
    Thanks for the input on these diapers I will have to buy a few cases I like diapers that are wider around the crotch and I hope they will cover more around the legs.

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