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    This might be the first time I've made two threads in one day. :P So I was sitting in front of the TV having a snack when this came on:

    Normal commercial for most people, OMG moment for an ab/dl/pee fetishist like me.

    But actually, this brings up something I've thought about. I don't get it when people say they've ''ruined'' their pants etc. by wetting them. That's what washing machines are for? I occasionally wet my clothes before I take my evening shower. I rinse them out, pop them in the washer the next day, good as new. Do you seriously need a special cleaner for peed-on sheets?

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    Haha....well here's another excuse to sell yet another new product that must be bought in addition to the other product you're already buying. Maybe it works a little differently, but really, if you get pee soaked clothes or sheets into the washing machine before it dries, your detergent is going to work. Mine always does.

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    I second dogboy. Growing up I wet the bed every day and if the sheets were washed right away - the sheets came out perfectly clean.

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    They had an item called diaper sweet my mom used it to get the stain's out of my underwear.

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    I understand the idea where this is coming from, but it just screams "Pay us more money"

    I already use the all-in-one pod things that Gain make with detergent, febreze and I think Oxyclean and have never had any issues. Honestly to me, if your detergent is meant to clean things then it should do that without extra help. I understand there are set in stains, but if someone is leaving something like that and expecting it to come out then that's their own fault :p

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