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Thread: A new member with several unique hobbies

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    Default A new member with several unique hobbies

    Hello, everyone! I am mercuryfan.

    In Real Life, I am disabled; thus I do not currently hold a job or go to school.

    But back before I became disabled, I was very interested in the general field of computers. I got my Bachelorís degree in Computer Science, then immediately went out to get a job programming computers. I held a few different jobs as a computer programmer or a database administrator before becoming disabled.

    I joined ADISC because I am interested in discussing various aspects of life for people who wear diapers, like me. I am now a DL and an IC, though I became a DL first (before I became IC).

    And since ADISC has a sub-forum for Sissies (to my pleasant surprise), I will state that I am a Sissy also. (Ever since this side of me developed, I have usually thought of this aspect of my life as being a Cross-Dresser, but I can certainly adopt to the term you seem to use here .)

    Outside of ADISCís focus, I have been interested in transit (local bus, train, & ferry service) for most of my life. At first, I focused on studying transit routes and their service levels. Though now I also study general issues around it and advocate for its improvement.

    A hobby I have picked up more recently is watching certain types/genres of anime series, and the related reading these genres of manga series. For those who donít know what anime is, I like to state that it is basically Japanese cartoons, but that this description is an over-simplification. And yes, manga is Japanese comics in print form, though this description is also an over-simplification.

    Finally, when I have time to devote to other things besides what Iíve mentioned above (which is rare, of course), I am a novice coin collector.

    So what do I hope to get out of ADISC? I pretty much want a place where I can discuss any aspect of my life freely & openly without fear of being criticized for having said aspect in my life. This would range from my being a DL to my being a CD/Sissy (two such aspects I feel I need to hide on other internet forums due to how most people look down on these things) to various anime and/or manga titles (esp. those in one of the sub-genres I am interested in) to (if anyone here has an interest in this besides me ) general transit issues.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC. Do you have a large coin collection? I've collected some over the years, nothing really fancy tho. What's your favorite coin?

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    Hello mercuryfan and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.

    We have a coin collection group called "the wonderful world of coins" please come and join us.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. I too have collected coins. I haven't done anything with it for years, but I still have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    Hello mercuryfan and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.

    We have a coin collection group called "the wonderful world of coins" please come and join us.

    Thank you, Egor. And I will have to look for that group next time I get a bit of free time .

    And in response to Mattew and dogboy, I do have a large collection, but only because I started young (like when I was 10 or so). Though I haven't done much with it in recent years due to having much less time for this hobby than I did for the first few years in which I pursued it. And I'm not sure I have a favorite single coin. Though I definitely have a favorite coin type - the Susan B Anthony dollar coin, closely followed by the Eisenhower dollar coin. I think the reason I like these coin types so much is their relative rarity - and the size for the Ike dollar.

    Finally, that's good to save them, dogboy. Saving & keeping them for this long time will let you enjoy any gains in value that they acquire (even though they will likely be only modest). Though this has never been the main reason I collect coins .

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    Default A new member with several unique hobbies

    My favorite coin is the Bicentennial Quarter. I have a large number of them. They used to be easier to spot amongst other quarters until they started changing the backs a few years ago.

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    Welcome and awesome to have another Anime fan here!

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