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Thread: Flying with a diaper

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    Default Flying with a diaper

    Hey guys! This summer me and my family are going to Costa Rica (we are from Spain), so that implies a 10-hour flight
    I was wondering about wearing a diaper during the flight, but I am worried about the checks. If you wear a diaper during the check, do they pat down me? Or does the x-ray machine says anything?

    I've seen some posts where they say that they normally do a private pat down if you wear a diaper, which I would like to avoid, just pass normally.
    So because of that, I thought on packing some diapers (just a few, 2 or 3 on my backpack bag) and then changing in the bathroom. Would they inspect it or just let it pass like everything else?

    I just want to act as normal as possible, to avoid any concerns with my family (they don't know about this).

    PD: I am going to use Crinklz, do you think will I need a change? I think that diapers can last a long time.
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    I wear diapers for every flight, but I always put them on after the TSA Check-point. As for the protective underwear I wear for incontinence, I've gone through without any problems. I've heard from others here on Adisc that wet diapers are the problem, and will always prompt a search. Others have commented that dry diapers don't usually cause any fuss - but take this information at your own discretion.

    So, if you are planning to wear AB/DL diapers like Crinklz, I would suggest putting them on in the bathroom right before boarding.

    As for changing, it's recommended that you go #2 before your flight so there will be no reason you take your diaper off and risk tampering with any good seal of the leak guards or the tapes. Also, 10 hours is a bit lengthy, so I'd suggest having some sort of small carry-on bag that won't be a bother to bring along with you into the lavatory. This way, you can bring extra diapers to change into.

    You may have the absorbency, but sitting in a wet diaper for that length of time may become uncomfortable.

    Good luck!

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    Wow, thanks for the response
    I'll probably put on the diaper after the check, so I'll have to practice putting a diaper standing up haha

    Maybe something I should have in mind is the smell, I don't think I will last 10h without anyone noticing smell.


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    oh and if you're on chemo, and have a wet diaper, it sets off the bomb detector due to nuclear material.... no, that's not a joke, it really happens.

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    Padded flyer here. I've gone through TSA's millimeter wave scanner with an Abena L4 (and thinner diapers), sweatpants, and jeans all at once. Never flagged over several dozen trips.

    If you're flagged for something else, like a sweaty shirt (liquids tend to set off the scanner - which was the case with people wearing a wet diaper who refused to change), they'll make sure there's nothing under your shirt.

    If you're unlucky enough to be flagged for explosives, they'll give you a very thorough pat down - where they'll notice the diaper is when they look along your waistband. They allow you to do this in private. Moral: No yardwork before flying!

    If you pack several thick/dense items together, it appears as a undiscernable cloud in the x-ray scanner. I've been flagged taking a large can of whey powder aboard. Two diapers are generally fine, so long as you also don't have a lot of other stuff.

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    I've flown a lot over the past 2 years for a multitude of business trips + visiting sick grandparents (I'm at something like 20 round trips). I wore a diaper every one of those flights and never had any issues except that packing diapers adds a lot of bulk to your suitcases and backpacks.

    Generally I wear a pullup through security because I can use the toilet as normal if I have to, and therefore it's no problem to go through security with it dry. If security somehow ends up putting me through a secondary screening that requires removing it, it's easy to do and not a big deal as it's not unnecessarily depleting a very limited supply of good diapers I was counting on using during the flight. The other nice thing is that the sides of the pullup tear off, which makes changing into a real diaper a lot easier (otherwise you'd have to wear underwear over the diaper or risk taking your pants off inside a potentially dirty airport restroom stall). I'll carry enough diapers for how many changes I think I'll need +1. In the case of a flight across the US with one layover that meant 3 diapers in my backpack; one for changing in a restroom past security, one for changing in a restroom during the layover, and one extra just in case.

    All of that said, if you're flying with family who don't know about the diapers, I don't recommend wearing them on the flight. There are too many things that could go wrong and make you miserable and/or out you to your family. E.g. say one of them ends up sitting next to you and you end up needing to change in-flight; you'd either have to remove a diaper from your bag in front of them or just hold it for the rest of the flight. Or say security says something to each other (e.g. "that one is wearing protection and needs a private screening") that's accidentally overheard by a family member. You'll spend all your time stressing about it, and if your family does notice and freak out it might end up clouding the entire trip. I have no problem wearing while flying, but that's because I fly alone and don't really care about random strangers noticing, provided that I took reasonable steps to not be noticed.

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    Flying diapered... Is fucking great. Like previous post mention, don't be dirty going thru security. Remember even if the tsa moron is an asshole about your diapers you'll never see them again, tell them to fuck directly off. I kind of make it a point to be an asshole to the tsa at checkpoints because I'm former military with many photo IDs in my wallet. I'm the exact kind of American you want to see on your flight, no jackass with a box cutter is going to hijack my flight and survive.

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    Its easier in Europe, Asia and Australia as we are not a paranoid as the US and don't have as many countries that actually want to blow us up. i wear nappies all the time flying from Aust to Asia, Europe and never had an issue.

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    I've never tried taking diapers through the scanners, since I don't need them. Though note that if your pass says "TSA pre" on it, you only need to go through a regular metal detector, so you can just wear normally. Regardless, I just put them in my backpack, which has not been opened or searched, then change in a bathroom after going through security. I prefer the very thick diapers, so thus far I haven't needed a change on a flight, though I'm sure you would need to change at least once on a 10 hour flight, which means navigating an airport bathroom with a bag. Not the biggest deal, but annoying I think.

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    i flew down to LA this summer i never have any trouble with TSA first off i travel with a diaper bag and if they ask me to step aside for an extra check im up front about my diapers only once 6 or 7 years ago did they take me to another room so i could show them it. first off they are looking for people that what they call tells (nervousness etc.) if you are going to wear them own it. it's not a big deal.
    here are a few things you should know
    1) n the full body scanner they will show up they may ask you a few questions dont worry they as just as nervous as you are about these question.
    2) if you wear a onesie with metal snaps they will show up too even some metal detectors.
    30 get precheck i do now so i dont go through the long lines. me i passed the background omg for real.

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