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    My then fiance admitted to me about 5 years ago that he enjoyed wearing diapers. We talked for hours and I decided that I was so in love with him that I could stand by him and we would figure this out together.

    I didn't know this about him when we started dating. I thought everything was great. I was so happy. I knew within a couple months that this was the man I was going to marry. He is my best friend. He proposed and I said yes. We started planning our wedding and everybody was excited for us.

    One night we got into a big fight. I always felt like he was holding out on me, then he told me. I can still see those words on my iphone screen like it was yesterday. I was and still am very hurt that he lied to me and didn't trust me. But now I don't trust him like I did in the first year of our relationship.

    We got married and it was beautiful. But now I wonder what my role is? Wife and best friend or mommy. I do want to be a mom someday, I just don't think I want to be one to my husband

    We keep getting into fights about this subject because I can't get over how hurt I am. I know that it took a lot of courage to come out to me especially since he doesn't express himself very well. After he told me I did think about breaking up but I said to myself he loves you and you love him. I don't want to give us up yet. And we both have worked hard to get over this bump. I have kinda accepted our life and I do want to know more from him. I'm just scared because this wasn't the life or marriage I thought we would have. Whenever I read stories or my husband and I talk about my stomach does flips.

    I do want to get pass this so we don't fight anymore about this. I just don't know how I can get over my trust issues and try to get back to the way we were just with diapers. Please help us!!!

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    Hi and i am sorry yall be fighting. But from another ab it is very difficult to open up about being an ab or dl. The best thing i can tell u is try to let it go and let him open up to u. It is a very sensitive subject for all of us.

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    Ik its frustrating. Ill say this if yall truly love each other (not saying u dont) that ur relationship will work itself out but it takes being open to each other. What are your thoughts on him diapered or wanting to be a baby again?.

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    Btw ur in the right place to be here i give u great props

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    Quote Originally Posted by tewks7979 View Post
    Ik its frustrating. Ill say this if yall truly love each other (not saying u dont) that ur relationship will work itself out but it takes being open to each other. What are your thoughts on him diapered or wanting to be a baby again?.

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    Btw ur in the right place to be here i give u great props
    I applaud your effort to understand and especially for seeking out a site such as this one. Infantalism can be a lot to wrap one's mind around. I had a lot of trouble accepting myself when I was younger. I grew up on the Jersey Shore in some tough neighborhoods. As a male, you were expected to be strong and hold you own among the masses, and of course, bullying. And yet here was this desire, or pull, to want to wear and wet diapers. To be honest, I thought I was crazy. So it's easy to understand how this is jolting to you.

    I hope that over time, once the shock wears off, you'll realize it's not the worst thing that can happen to someone. There are probably some psychological things that happened to us that have made us attracted to diapers and other baby objects. It's not something we can completely shake, but we can find acceptable ways to work it into our lives.

    I was "found out" by my parents and they didn't accept it well at all as my mom sent me to a psychiatrist. Years later, my wife discovered a diaper order and I had to explain all of this to her. I should have told her before we were married, but I was too ashamed, and I thought I could leave it behind me. I did for several years, but then it came roaring back, so I would sneak wearing diaper when she wasn't home. As the years passed, I eventually got caught. Fortunately, she was very accepting, but by that time, our children were grown and out of the house.

    I'm sure you'll want children and your husband is gong to have to put them first. There could still be opportunities to wear, but you'll both have to work together to keep that to yourselves. I would hope that while you're pregnant and while the children are still in diapers, he will abstain from wearing. There's too much competition of emotions to me, but that my humble opinion. I actually had no desire to wear when our kids were still in diapers. I guess it was psychological.

    In order to feel better about this, I'm suggesting that you read a lot of different threads on this site, to give you some insight as to who we are and what we do. You'll find some who are more gung-ho, and many who are very practical in how they express these desires. As for me, I usually wear to bed, but seldom during the day. I'm mostly retired but have a part time job. You and your husband are at a different place in your lives, so wearing to bed might not be in your game plan. Your husband simply needs some time to wear so he can temporarily get it out of his system. With some discussion you should be able to work this out.

    Give yourself some time and try to keep an open mind. Read as much as you can on this site and take many, deep breathes, I guess. I wish you well.

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    What is your fear there are way to Intergrate this into your lives.
    I know of couple's that can have little time and adult time .
    The thing is 99% can't give it up it's a part of them no matter what they get out of it.
    There is a book that will help you understand there's a baby in my bed Roslyn Bent.
    You two talking is the key .
    Some of us feel shame liking pampers it's very hard to open up for us.
    We come up against what we were told as little kids diaper's are for babys.
    So when we are with others they were brain washed the same way.
    We all enjoy some thing be it sweet food spending money .
    Chewing nails pulling hair when nervous so many thing's.
    We spend years in pampers they most of the time feel good to be changed .
    They are soft warm we get comfort in them we dont remember they feel good our attention span is very short so for most we go do other things to busy playing experience every thing we can come up with.

    So the pottie training kick's in we move away from pampers wanting to please mommy or daddy..
    For some we remember the feel of being into pampers never wanted to give them up.
    For others they tryed them on later age and the body remember's it feel's good.
    But being older we like to do stuff to feel good .
    The comfort we get from them some of us on some level remember being loved taken care of but not so much conscience one but below the surface some what when older child. Now for some we had wetting problem's so in my case mom put me into pampers it felt so good that first time comfort love taken care of something I had forgotten. Well I have attention span of 7 or 8 year old it stuck.
    Some of us were playing house older sister dressed us in pampers felt good .
    Others wanted to be loved and only thought if they were babys they would be.
    Some were abused we came to this many deferent way's
    When we hit puberty for some it is sexual also our first sexual experience.
    We are hooked .
    Some sort of imprinting happend to our core at any time .
    The key is balance a way to live with this wanting to enjoy pampers.

    There is a time and place if we can find a happy meadum then you both can be very happy only talking it out can help that .
    Some ab/dl have happy famleys it's just not done around kids .
    So no worries there.

    Now it's hard to understand what we get out of wearing diapers even some of us dont know why we like pampers or liking being an AB/DL.
    So how can you understand it .
    So take little step's ok he needs to also.
    Just dont let a little peace of cloth or paper and plastic come between you.
    Such a little thing compared to a happy life you both can have.
    Compromise on both sides if you both can.
    My girl friend and I do lol.
    Take care we are quite loving person's just have one qurk is all.

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