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    so anyway I noticed people were talking about the tykables liquidation on the site here and saw the great price they were going for so I figured it would be a good time to get some, the only thing about it is the sizing has got me confused. I'm a 38" waist so I was going to get the large but I read some people say they pretty much swim in the diaper being so large which I do not want. I fit in a s/m depends overnight which is about the same sizing as the the tykables diaper but wanted to see if someone could advise me on the size before I order. Thanks for any help

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    The only thing they have left for Liquidation on the Canada side of things is the plain white.

    I am between a 34 waist and a 36 waist depending on the brand of pants or diapers.

    You will need a LARGE. I got the medium first...big mistake... went with the large and they fit like a dream.

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    thanks a bunch Rescue. Would've been nice to get the better looking ones but still better than depends.

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    tykables run small, they are on par with bambino for sizing. Medium will be a problem for a 38" waist imo.

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    yeah that's what I've read. The last time I had a Bambino was about 40 or so pounds ago and as I recall it was even tight on me then. I wound up ordering the large so thanks for the reply.

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