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    new to abdl and looking for info on buying diapers that fit and don't fall down when I stand up. I am trying different brands right now and they all seem to have the same problem. they don't fit right.
    I love the printed ones with Scooby doo and teddy bears and love wearing them all the time. also love my cartoons and video games.
    looking for friends around buffalo new York who are also ab's.

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    Hello cubbybear and welcome to the group.

    Very interesting and informative post.


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    not sure how to start off on here. just saying what's going on at the moment and trying to figure this account out. I feel like I said to much or too much of the wrong thing

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    Hey there, little buddy! You didn't say too much, nor did you say the wrong thing. You gave a nice intro, and I hope that you enjoy the time spent on this forum. I also hope that you enjoy all the great diapers out there to discover.

    Do you usually try kid diapers, or are you using adult diapers? If you are using a diaper that fits, and you properly tape it on, you shouldn't have any issues. If you need some help picking out a good diaper to wear, I would browse the Diaper Reviews section. I am currently wearing Tranquility ATN (All Through the Night), and they are very vanilla, but they tape on nicely and stay on no matter what I do. If you are looking for cute prints, there's always the ones made by companies like Bambinos and ABU. I am currently waiting on a pack of "Littlepawz" from ABU, because they have an adorable animal print, and adorable is right up my alley.

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    Welcome to adisc. And idk what ur waist size is so i can give u alittle better direction on what diapers u can wear

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    thanks Littlelettuce. the first set I tried was from a cute web site with little bears on them. size medium. I have to add extra tape to the sides to keep them pulled tight enough to stay up. the feel awesome and for some reason I feel very comfortable wearing them. they feel natural even tho they are a bit thick with the padding but I don't mind that at all. I walk my dog in them and wear them to the mail box and love to wear them around the house with nothing else on. I love to sleep in them cuddled up with my favorite bear.
    my second set of diapers is coming from Bambinos one set bear prints and one with other animals on them. i'm thinking of getting some cloth diapers for when I go out in public like to the store and stuff. just soo my partner feels more comfortable with me wearing them. the plastic noise makes him a little spooked out in public but he loves me wearing them at home and even treats me like a little babybearcub that I am

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    thanks tewks7979 waist size is 34 with no booty but a bit of a ball gut from daddy feeding me a lot

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    If you want to wear in public, I'd recommend looking into a onesie to keep the crinkle down a little bit. Also, if you order a plain one, it'll just look like you have an undershirt on, and nobody will see a diapie sticking out of the top of your pants. You may look like a big grownup to everyone, but you'll know that you have your baby pants on under all that. It's a nice feeling to know that you are padded and protected like the kiddo that you are when you're out and about.

    I wear anything between a size 34-36, and medium diapers tend to fit me well. Do you change when you're laying down or when you're standing up? I recommend laying down, maybe in bed or on the bathroom floor. Lift up your legs when you put the diaper between your legs, then put your legs down. After that, tape up the bottom tapes so that they're nice and tight, and then tightly tape up the top tapes as well. If you get a nice snug fit, you should hopefully not have any issues of your diapie falling off.

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    I wonder if they make Scooby doo onesies ? it's worth checking out. I wonder if a singlet like what wrestlers wear would work just as well ? it's worth checking out options and coming up with a wardrobe that works well for me. thanks for the tips

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