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Thread: Best Onsie?

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    Default Best Onsie?

    IVe been wanting a onsie for a while and im ready to pull the trigger. What is a good place to get a onsie from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
    IVe been wanting a onsie for a while and im ready to pull the trigger. What is a good place to get a onsie from?
    I just recently got one from after someone else recommended them to me. It's comfy, it has plastic snaps on the seat, and it has a cute print (and they have a few cute prints available).

    I'll try to attach a photo of it when I am back on my main computer.

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    I thought bout making my own from scratch so that way they are custom to me and how i want them. I did purchase one from aww so cute ( but i ordered a size smaller than i need but i still like it. I have always had issues with shirts considering i have a long upper body

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    Here's a pic of my Baby Pants onesie. It's the Dinosaur print.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I wish they would use metal snaps. The plastic snaps suck. They are huge and if caught in the right spot, between the legs, irritation! That and they come loose so quickly. I wish they would stop being cheap and use metal snaps.

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    Yeah, I have to admit that the plastic snaps are a bit odd. I'll have to give those Aww So Cute ones that Tewks mentioned a try.

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    Definitely recommend onesiesdownunder. They are in Australia so consider the shipping cost when placing an order. I love there products so much. I have tried some from onesiesdownunder, rearz and babypants and think that they have the better product. They use metal snaps that hold really well and are stretchy to get a good fit.

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    I have 10 onesies that are made by 4care, there plain white or navy blue, 100% cotton, with 3 metal snap buttons, they are so comfortable and wick moisture away when it's warm out. You can get them at xpmedical, decent price to

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    So I have gotten 2 so far, and both have been a slight disaster. First, I got a large baby-pants onesie, which was huge and sagged way too much. I ended up using it as a onesie when I put on a super thick, layered diaper, like a few disposables or a disposable with a couple cloths. I've since lost interest in that sort of thing... I like just a disposable or disposable + 1 cloth prefold when I'm feelin frisky.
    Then, I went to AwwSoCute, cus they were having a sale. I got a medium, and it was way too small. It would work with a really thin diaper like a TSM, but still I couldn't sit down... Otherwise the snaps would pop open.
    So I'm 0 for 2 on onesies at the moment. I'm thinking of going back to baby-pants and getting a medium, but idk which color/design to get.

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    Have to say, the onesies from Babypants with plastic snaps are great if you are traveling. Metal snaps do tend to set off the metal detector in Airports which the plastic snaps doesn't.

    For everyday wear I prefer the Abena onesies as they do a better job in holding my diaper snug to the body

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