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Thread: Ways to reduce noise and visibility?

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    Default Ways to reduce noise and visibility?

    I've noticed that the rustling on my nappies are often quite audible and I get pretty scared that people can hear. Furthermore I often feel that the bulge is a bit noticeable, and the top of the nappy often pokes out of my jeans. Wearing underwear over the nappy helps with the noise and the poking out, but I was wondering if there were other things you guys would recommend?

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    Diaper choice would be one thing. The mainstream Abenas sold here are cloth-like-backed and pretty much silent. If you can choose those, that would be wise. Can't fault you if you can't choose those, though.

    Boxer briefs are probably the best underwear for covering diapers, but I'd recommend a onesie. make good ones (although as far as I know, they are not AB/DL-friendly). Otherwise they should be relatively easy to find on eBay.

    Heavy-gauge PVC pants will reduce noise, in my experience.

    Unless you're wearing very thick diapers, diapers are basically invisible under jeans - I have tried this with diapers up to and including Tena Slip Maxi (European style) which are about as thick as you get with the medical brands.

    People usually have no idea what rustling is. Crinkling is more of a concern, but rustling is not something people pick up on.

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    i wear plastic covers over my disposables almost all the time, It helps a lot. Also some boxer shorts the ride a bit high helps hide any diaper back when you bend over

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    i wear 24/7 and no one has nioticed or said any thing in a year and a half, we hear the crincle but we are listening for it, dont worry about the sound or buldge no one notices. Pickup a couple of plain white onsies they do a great job in hiding the top of the diaper

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    I think the main thing is that most ppl aren't really thinking with diapers in mind, so even if you're crinkling a bit or you feel the diaper is noticeable it's not noticeable to others. If your diapers show at the top of your jeans, make sure to wear longer shirts! :P

    I'm in diapers 24/7 and like others have said, nobody notices unless you're careless and the diaper peeks out

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    Honestly, no one really notices the bulge. Also there is enough ambient noise almost everywhere you go that no one can hear the crinkle. People spend too much time worrying and not enough time enjoying life.

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    I agree with the comments about boxer briefs and cloth backed diapers. Not so sure about onsies but a tee shirt or under vest tucked into boxer briefs is a good alternative that works well for me.There is such perceived distaste for adult diapers that it is natural not to give any indication that you are wearing. Things are getting better but no one wants to make it too obvious they are wearing their toilet. Incontinence is a recognised as a disability in most cultures when it comes to legal issues but rarely in a cultural sense where it is still all too often (pun intended) the butt of the joke.

    When we get too worried about people noticing we are buying into the lingering discrimination that is unfair and simply wrong.

    Having ranted a bit I'll quieten down and just comment that in 12 years of needing to wear 24/7 very few people have noticed and the only person to laugh was my wife when I got out of bed one morning and an overfull M4 slid down leaving me standing there naked from the waist down.

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    I have worn plastic backed diapers for many many years now. I wear 24/7 and wear just about any clothes I want. If you are worried about the noise carry loose change in your pockets and rattle it now and then also put a plastic bag on your back pocket if you have one and if someone hears a crinkle just pull the bag out of they say anything it also comes in handy for disposal after changing. Be happy with who you are and don't worry about what others think

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    I don't think anyone notices. I wear nappies and plastic pants and no one has ever commented about them. I can hear the faint rustle or crinkle. I know my bum looks different and there is ab obvious bulge when they are wet but so what.

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    Well, I always wear tight boxers over diapers. It gets rid of most of the crinkling and keeps the diaper tightly against me and reduces visibility. I've never really had a problem with crinkling. Even when wearing plastic-backed diapers I don't find it very noticeable. And lastly, It's really a lot harder to notice than it seems if you don't know you're looking for a diaper.

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