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Thread: Does anybody have experience with Toujours nappies

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    Default Does anybody have experience with Toujours nappies

    You Can buy them in Lidl, i get Size 6 and i Mod them so they fit , i think they Are Pretty good, has anyone Else got These nappies?

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    Sorry, no experience with these, but how do you mod them? Do you use tape extender strips?

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    I take the seethrough cloth Off and fold it into a Long strip and staple it, then i Cut Off the Tapes Panel and staple it the Ends and then Cut the Fabrik "extenders" in half, its Even better if you have pullups and the. After you have finished Wearing the pullup, you Can Cut the fabric Sides Off and you Can extend the "extendrrs" Even more by Stapling them to each straf you created on the oposite side of the tapes. Then you Can staple the straps on to where the Original Type straps were meant to be. I have a 30" waist and it fits then with the extendrrs. I also get a pack of Night Time sanitary Pads and Stick them Inside the Nappy for extra absorsancy which ok it only Can Last one wetting but its a Lot better than going without them. A tip for the pullup sides, you Can Gently Unloosen the staples and you Can Reuse the pullup Strips Providing they dont Rip. You Cant Reuse the Straps from the actual Toujours Nappy Cuz they dont Stick so well on repeated use. I Hope i made Sense

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