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    So a little friend of mine and I are planning to go to Disneyland this weekend wearing a light pull up. Does anyone have advise as far as keeping it hidden? We don't plan on wetting since well. Obvious reason. This will also be our first time wearing in a largely populated area.

    What do you think?

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    I've always wanted to do a diapered Disneyland trip, but never got the opportunity. But I would go full on plastic backed, diaper.

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    I've always wanted to do this as well. I also would wear full diapers, but I have worn diapers in public before. No one notices, pretty easy to hide, and can always bring a change.

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    Haven't been to Disney world but have been out in public. As long as you don't draw attention to yourselves you'll be fine

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    I have a trip planed to Disneyland this fall and my wife said that she at least wants me to wear a diaper for one day there any more is up to me do the amount of walking around.

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    Last year at Disney Land I almost had an accident, and my stomach was upset, thankfully I got to the bathroom in time. I kind of wished I had a diaper on in case cause I was so nervous finding a bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CA1959 View Post
    I have a trip planed to Disneyland this fall and my wife said that she at least wants me to wear a diaper for one day there any more is up to me do the amount of walking around.
    Wow, that sounds fun. I'm not married but if my significant other suggested that I'd be thrilled

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    For the OP, in what way are you trying to hide the Pull-ups? Are you worried about someone seeing them in your bag, or someone seeing them on you?

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    Yeah, it should be easy to conceal them. Just wear a long enough t-shirt and no one is going to notice.

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    Keep in mind that doing a lot of walking around in a park like that for several hours is really hard on a disposable diaper. You might want to bring a change or two even if you don't intend to use, just to give yourself a chance to change out of a hot/sticky/sweaty/clumpy diaper, dry your skin, apply some cool powder, and get back into a fresh diaper to resume your enjoyment of the day. Otherwise, you might find youre somewhat miserable by the time you leave, have a diaper malfunction (centerline rip, tape failure, etc), or just plain decide to leave early because of some diaper-related issues.

    (this, based on a similar experience I had in the past, mom walking me back and forth several laps around a massive shopping mall to do christmas shopping, I was quite miserable by the time we got back home)

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