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Thread: I Keep walking out of my class

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    Default I Keep walking out of my class

    In College i Cant stand being there a Second longer. I Enjoy the Course but everytime someone is ennoying me Or i spent Too much Time there Or its boring, i just Walk out. Tutors Are Bound to Start asking questions and i dont Want to be Kicked Off my course. Can you suggest ways to keep Myself in class. I am recoverimg from Depression and i find i Need to fuel my Little Side. Please help!

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    Well I suggest that you need to find a way to cope with an annoying person. You walking out of a class that you paid money for just because of a person annoying you is pretty silly. Life is full of annoying people, learn to ignore them. Because to them (annoying people), they usually don't know they're being annoying. So talk to a counselor on this one, the counselor may be able to help with this one.

    On a class being too long? Yeah, I get that. Sometimes in my classes the instructor would do a 10 minute break halfway through a 2 and a half hour class, but that was sometimes. Maybe also talk to a counselor on this one, maybe you're not the only one who feels that way, or maybe they could suggest a coping strategy too.

    On class being boring, well nothing I can say about that really. Sometimes class is boring, but that boring stuff may be just what's on a quiz or a test, or worse a midterm or final. Take those notes, take down the important points, and leave out what you already know. The act of taking the notes may be more stimulating than just passively taking in the information. Then you just review them later at you leisure.

    Let me know what you think. But please don't walk out of class anymore, because it's going to hurt you and no one else in the long run.

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    I think one place to start is to ask why you feel the need to leave when you start getting annoyed. Is someone harassing you? Are you feeling like your voice isn't being heard or taken seriously in class? Are you upset by the subject material? I notice that you mentioned boredom as a factor in leaving class. Is that your normal reason for leaving or is it feeling annoyed?

    Talking to one of the tutors or to the professor is one of the first steps. Talk about why you feel like you can't be in the class and see what they suggest as a solution. Some college courses require more attendance than others so it's possible you could arrange to show up on test or lab days (or whatever) and get some advice from the tutors for self-study. If the thing bothering you is another student, then the teaching staff might be able to help with that too. Either way, say something to someone.

    I'm not sure how it is in Britain, but speaking from personal experience in an American University (I've been both a student with depression who wound up failing courses due to attendance and I've been a tutor), the TA's are unlikely to notice or ask any questions. Being a tutor or a professor is a lot of work and there's little time to develop a personal interest in students. If you can't be in class for some reason and you still want to take the course, you need to talk it out with the tutors or the teacher--they're the only ones who can give you a break on attendance or tell you what you need to do to make up missed days and the only chance to get either is by talking to them.

    I notice that you mentioned boredom as a factor. One of the things that I found helps with boredom in class, especially when the teacher is boring, is to participate more frequently. Sit at the front of the class, answer questions, and ask questions (this has the added advantage of making the teaching and tutoring staff remember you, which is helpful). If all else fails, then you need to find a reason, any reason, why you want to go to class (Psych 101 was like that for me; I remember little of the curriculum but I do remember a lot of fun conversations with the snarky sarcastic girl who sat next to me). Good luck, you're going to make it through this.

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    I feel like People Are rude to me because i Cant Hear properily and made a Couple of Jokes out of it. The Tutors Can be rude Even. When i Talk they ignore, i Slur my Words because i Cant Hear Myself speak and Nobody listens and i get a dry Mouth and it Makes it worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I feel like People Are rude to me because i Cant Hear properily and made a Couple of Jokes out of it. The Tutors Can be rude Even. When i Talk they ignore...
    Now this is information that provides some context. I suggest you take this up with your Dean, because that treatment is just plain unacceptable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skunk053 View Post
    Now this is information that provides some context. I suggest you take this up with your Dean, because that treatment is just plain unacceptable.
    I totally concur with Skunk053. Talk to you councilors, instructors, and retention specialist to get help with this.


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    And maybe a member of the student union - or whatever body you have there could help by addressing the need for you to be treated by colleague learners with respect - or even setting up a buddy system so you had real support when you needed it.

    You may feel as if you are the only one who is committed to making a success of the course - in UK especially this is not the case as colleges are under pressure to ensure students complete courses and get good passes. Again if you are in the UK the RNID would probably have some resources to help.

    Hope the problem resolves itself soon

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    I wonder if this could be an opportunity to educate your classmates. In my university days, we had a student in one of our classes who was blind. He had a special board he used for taking notes and needed a seeing eye dog which he brought to classes. Classmates avoided him in group work activities because they thought he would slow them down. We had a really great teacher who noticed what was happening. She brought in a guest speaker from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind to talk to the class about the challenges and barriers faced by blind students in seeking a higher education and gave us a number of suggestions on how to help. It helped the class become more sensitive to his challenges and most of us went out of our way to ensure we were being inclusive with him. It turned into a very positive experience for all of us.

    There are always going to be a few idiots in any group, but with education, they become the minority. You have the right to the same respect as every other person in your classes.

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    When you say you can't hear properly is that because of an audiological problem or sensory overload (ie. difficulty filtering out sounds in a noisy environment.)?

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    First off, the advice to talk to dean, counselors, and/or doctors is a good one. If you've got a hearing problem, people need to be courteous to that, not make fun of you or pass you by.

    That said, if I may suggest a solution to the immediate problem, I suggest you get angry and stay in class to prove to those annoying people that they can't get one over on you. Because look, we live in a civilized world. If you beat up somebody that's annoying you, you'll get kicked out of school or even thrown in jail. If you walk out on them, they're forcing you out of the learning that you deserve and that's them winning. So, screw them. Stay there no matter how annoying they get and get as much out of the class as possible because that's how you show everyone that made fun of you that they're idiots.

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