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Thread: Modern Cloth Diapers Stuffing

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    Default Modern Cloth Diapers Stuffing

    For the longest time I've been wanting to get some type of modern cloth diapers, but to me, they look rather thin. I've seen multiple brands out there, but I'm not sure how much material can be stuffed into it. Every website that I come across has very minimal details. The one detail that is missing from all of them is crotch width.

    The pocket diapers I've seen out there come with what seems to be thin and narrow pads. What I was wondering is if these can fit adult prefolds, folded up towels, or something thicker than the pads that it comes with.

    Does anyone use these and stuff their modern cloth diapers to make them really thick? What have you been able to stuff it? What do you use to stuff it with?

    Can people post the crotch width of some of their modern cloth diapers that they own as well please? If possible, pictures please?
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    Have you considered training pants?'s "my first training pants" are nice and convenient.

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    I've considered them before, I'm more of a diaper type of guy. I prefer the snugness.

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    I use Snap-EZ's adult-sized pocket diaper with their microfiber insert. I have no interest in the company other than being a user of their products over the years.

    Most pocket diapers are a stretchy shell that incorporates some sort of absorbent pad. In the case of the Snap-EZ product, there's a stretchy 'pocket' that runs from waistband to waistband and is wide enough to slip your hand and an insert all the way down (or 'up') into the diaper to position it correctly. The main benefit of this style of diaper is that it lacks the bulk of an AIO or an adult prefold and plastic pants.

    The hard part - for me, anyway - is prepping the inserts. You have to boil them for several minutes to release the oils that are in the cloth. Once 'stripped,' the microfiber is very absorbent. I have experimented with a toddler prefold, ordinary Gerber prefold diapers, and other microfiber cloths and I think the inserts Snap-EZ sells are still the best way to go.

    Making adult cloth diapers overly thick means they will sag. For me, the sag is pronounced enough and uncomfortable enough that I tend to stick with single inserts rather than several at a time. The Snap-EZ inserts are folded into thirds lengthwise, so there's actually quite a lot of surface area to absorb, but they won't hold more than one flooding or more than three or so substantial wettings.

    I have had years of experience with adult-sized cloth prefold diapers from a variety of manufacturers. Edley was probably the best, but they've been gone for years now. Although prefolds are very babyish, especially because you need plastic pants over them, they aren't inconspicuous. I always wind up coming back to the adult pocket diapers which I can - and have - wear outdoors when my nanny takes me shopping or out to eat.

    I've also had several pair of training pants from various manufacturers, including Baby-Pants and Nikky. I liked the Nikky bedwetter pants the best (discontinued long ago in adult sizes) because they had the built-in waterproof covering. The Baby-Pants training pants (both styles) are fine if you don't intend to wet, or if you only dribble from time to time. Wearing plastic pants over them sort of defeats the purpose; I'd rather just wear a diaper.

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    I wear Angelfluff cloth countours (U 3) i had them made with a 10.5 inch crotch and have used 4 full lehth boosters when needed, i also have some Babykins also with 10.5 inch crotches, with iins though for 5 bucks extra i was able to have triple boosters built in ( though when Jenny boosts she does not just do the crotch she does the entire diaper, so the absorbacy increase is huge and very much worth the upcharge, with a still pretty svelte design. I am not a fan of poket or AIO's they are thinner but overall a waste of money, because the outer wears out long before the diaper innarc itself.

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    You might just ask Snap-EZ and Dependeco (and others) to tell you or to post the crotch widths of their pocket diapers and diaper covers. I've wondered about this also. Your choice of prefold will influence your chances of success, too. You may want to look at the youth or small sizes, or otherwise at something slightly shorter than your rise measurement. When you're already having to tri-fold the diaper to insert it into the pocket, you really don't want any extra length, as folding that inward is going to create a big, uncomfortable bulge--in front or in back.

    I usually wear a medium Changing Times prefold, but based on the Snap-EZ sizing, I'd be inclined toward the youth size for stuffing. And, actually, I have a few of the youth diapers for doubling my mediums. They're awesome for that, too.

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    Would I be better off sticking with my prefolds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    Would I be better off sticking with my prefolds?
    Not if it makes you sad.

    There are a few users who've indicated in the past that they like to use prefolds with pocket diapers. Tygon is one, I know. There's no reason it won't work, but you may find yourself wanting a different size of prefold. It's why makers of baby prefolds have started offering shorter sizes that are specifically meant for PUL covers (pocket or non-pocket), such as the OsoCozy "Better Fit" line. Thankfully, unlikely adult disposables, adult prefolds are available in a bunch of sizes, so picking one that fits a cover should be no big deal. Although it would be great to know the crotch width of, for instance, the Snap-EZ pockets, I doubt you'd have trouble putting a tri-folded prefold in there.

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    In addition to disposables I've been using pocket diapers as well, I'll see if I can provide more information later this day.

    However, I must say thickness is not really something I care about, I did when I didn't had access to diapers, but after that I realized it was over-realistic for diapers to be very thick. Instead I value the characteristics that make it feel like a real modern baby diaper that fits me.

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