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    It's a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. The temperature is going up to 17 degrees today and 21 tomorrow. I showed tremendous optimism by putting away my winter boots. I'm just having coffee, listening to music and then heading out for a long run along the Rideau Canal. Can't wait. It's been so long since I've felt the warmth of the sun on a weekend.

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    If you think that's something, It's going up into the 80s F. on Monday here in central Virginia. I'll either have to open windows and hope for the best, or break down and turn on the air conditioner. Either way, I can't wait for the warmth.

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    I can't say I am particularly fond of the upcoming summer heat, but I do enjoy the temperate part of spring. It's also nice being able to wear sandals again.

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    I honestly an both happy and sad that Winter is over because for one thing i LOVE the cold but i also love that there isnt much to do in the summer like you could just lounge around xD

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    I like heat, but I also like snow and adapt to winter cold reasonably well. I hate this back and forth in between stuff we get in spring and fall. I absolutely detest adding and removing layers.

    In other news, Mrs. Maxx put in her pepper and tomato plants yesterday. More than a little optimistic as usual. We'll see.

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    I was way too optimistic when I started this thread two weeks ago. It was 0 degrees Celsius when I went running this morning. ones it ever ended? At least it's not as dark in the mornings so that helps.

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    Depends on where you are. It seems like we leapt over spring almost entirely in Seattle and went straight on to summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starrunner View Post
    I was way too optimistic when I started this thread two weeks ago. It was 0 degrees Celsius when I went running this morning.

    never cast a clout 'til May be out

    but, hopefully, an end to stuff like this:
    Attachment 26151

    we've still been having frosty days and nights, too......and i'm not going to tempt fate by saying that it's over now, just because we've had a lovely day, today. we were still all snowy upto the first of May, then the rain came and washed it all away (i feel sorry for Incey Wincey). anyway, there's still an Arctic low to our NW, so i'm saying nowt 'til May be out
    afore the change, i had a migraine, which is not uncommon for me, and i'm a bit iffy up there right now, so.....

    of course, it could be my hayfever or the muck-spreading.

    anyways, after last year's four season winter (i can call it that, can't i? since we spent most of it barely into double digit temperatures? no, i'm not joking. the only 'plus' was that the night-time temps were the same as the days'.), we're all looking forward to having a summer this year

    around this time last year, our feathered kin were nesting in our rooftop, as they often do, and when the light was right,
    Attachment 26145

    Attachment 26146

    the former was taken with my Fuji XS1 and the latter, heavily cropped, with my Nikon D5100 with 18-105mm lens. i was hoping to improve on them this year, particularly with the Nikon, and so i bought a cheapo Tamron 70-300mm lens for that. alas, the lengthy winter seems to have discouraged 'our' family of starlings and they've buggered off elsewhere. they did try, and so did i,
    Attachment 26147

    but maybe they know something we don't [cringe].

    well, like i said, today was nice and so i took the new lens out and about. not that there was much out (i think a lot of the insects have been buggered by the weather and that's having it's knock-on effect up the food-chain. i'm also suspecting that the hooded crows are more preying on field mice than they normally would, as a consequence, and that they're dropping them when attacked/scared by ravens and magpies; saw more dead mice than usual, today, and a hooded crow carrying what was either a mouse or small bird).
    Attachment 26148

    Attachment 26149

    Attachment 26150

    and the latest cloudbow (that i've seen, anyway) from the other week or something:
    Attachment 26152

    edit: apologies for the poor quality of the latest. they didn't resize well.
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    17 degrees? That's ice skating weather! Oh damm metric crap, I have no clue if that is warm. Here it is 47 degrees Fahrenheit, that is very cool for this time of year. Nuclear winter must be winning over global warming.

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