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    Good evening, everyone. My name is Jesse, but you can call me Jess if you'd prefer. I don't really know what to say about myself, as I've never been one for introductions. Well, I suppose I should start with the basics; I'm 19 and I live in Ohio(that's as specific as I'm going). I'm a Diaper Lover, not an Adult Baby or Babyfur(can't get interested in those two things.)
    I'm not looking for any relationships, but plan to instead use this site as a form of therapy if you will, to simply speak about diaper-related things, which I can't do in my daily life.
    I may bore some people, as I think of things in an almost purely logical fashion a good majority of the time, weighing pros and cons along with other variables as a form of mental equation. Don't be surprised if I come across as somewhat mechanical, it's just the way my mind works.
    I like to write diaper stories, most of which focus around female main roles, and on a non-diaper related note, I am into philosophy, and art, be it paintings or wire-frame sculptures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post
    Logic as product rather than means?


    I suppose you could say it's both, seeing as I use logic to come to a logical outcome, especially if something would otherwise seem irrational. Think of it as a factory where machines are building machines.

    Oh yes, and thank you for the welcome.

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