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Thread: Effects of aging

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    Default Effects of aging

    I am in my early sixties and for the past few years my general sex drive has been decreasing while my interest in diapers has been increasing. I went for a long period of time where I only occasionally fantasized about diapers but recently I have been thinking about them numerous times during the day.
    Anybody else experience this?

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    Do you wear them regularly or just fantasize about wearing them? Now that I'm in my sixties, I have little reservation about wearing and enjoying them. I think it's because I'm older, wiser and could care less what someone thinks about my wearing diapers.

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    My ability to perform has certainly declined, but I wouldn’t say my interest (in sex) has. Because sex and wetting/diapers are intertwined in my mind they go hand and hand for me.

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    You guys started late I'm 40 started at 37

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    Turned 50 and my interest in sex has slowed, but I think a lot has to do with routine, stress at work and the amount of prescriptions I now take for various things including high blood pressure. Combine that with the same mate for over 15 years and the routine and newness has worn. So I do find diapers an exciting alternative, much to the dismay of my wife (naturally understood since her drive has not slowed yet being 10 years younger). My problem is when can I wear. I have to mostly hide it and that means only a couple of times a month. When I do wear, it always will end with a sexual ending (unfortunately by myself). So for me, it is not strange to have interests shift.

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    I'm 68 and the desire to wear diapers continues strong as does the sex drive associated with it, though certainly things don't occur as frequently. Age does have its consequences. In a way, that's okay because I always have a decrease in diaper wearing desire after sex, so I enjoy limiting that aspect of it.

    To clear up what might be confusion, I have enjoyed and wanted diapers since I was very young. The desire has continued all these years and I don't imagine it declining. It's just one of those things.

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    I am 59, things have shifted a lot in the last 4-1/2 years. My wife had pretty much lost all interest in sex the last 2 years of her life. She never did like that I enjoyed wearing diapers and certainly did not allow me to wear them in her presence (other then two times during our marriage). She also had changed in a way that she was telling me that she could not stand that I still had cloth diapers from before we were married stored. She had me decide which I was going to keep in my life, her or the diapers. I choose her, the diapers were gone. I also enjoyed wear latex which was something my wife did share with me. Even this became taboo during this period. Sex was pretty much nonexistent during the last year of her life.

    After my wife passed away, I lost desire for almost everything. After about 6 months life slowly began to have meaning again. I got back into photography first, nature photography. I got back into wearing a little latex but by myself it was a bit blase'. It took about 8 months before wearing diapers started making a comeback. Sexual desires started coming back after about 16 months. It certainly is not as strong as it was in my 20's but it is still there. Being by myself now allows me 2 things, I can enjoy myself by wearing diapers when I please and I can deal with my sexual tensions when I need.

    I notice a lot of things have changed after 55. I get tired easier, I don't sleep as well as I used to, although I sleep better in AB mode. I sleep in footie sleepers and diapers in winter now. This is not the same as sleeping with my wife but I am warm and comfortable. Accepting my diaper wearing and the hidden "little" inside me has actually only begun during this last year. Even though I have worn diapers since my late teens, I only began to stop questioning why I wear them recently. Is this a part of aging? Perhaps, I have now seen death close up, life needs to be lived and enjoyed regardless of how the body ages.

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    I am 63. For two years I have increasingly wore nappies at night and now almost nightly. It enables me to sleep well, in the past I used to completely wake up when going to the toilet, and it relaxes me. My wife is happy with this situation and cuddles up with no reservations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARBO View Post
    I am 63. For two years I have increasingly wore nappies at night and now almost nightly. It enables me to sleep well, in the past I used to completely wake up when going to the toilet, and it relaxes me. My wife is happy with this situation and cuddles up with no reservations.
    In your card there left of your post it says "Age: 49" ... you might have entered the wrong birthday in your profile?

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    I'm 64 and find that i am wearing more now but my sex is still good also.

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