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Thread: My relationship

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    Default My relationship

    So I've posted a couple things regarding myself. Now i need some advise.

    Recently my wife has been a little controlling when it comes to me being diapered. I mean, she'll randomly tell me to take my pants off and to use the diaper when I'm walking to the bathroom. See, sometimes i feel like taking it off to pee. So i don't need to go through a bunch of diapers every day.

    But anyways. I've recently been hinting at buying diapers with prints on them and she's totally against it. She tells me they are only for adult babies and I'm not a baby. But yet she talks to me like a child a lot and sort of babies me sometimes. She holds me like a baby on the couch and what have you.

    She wants me to be honest and let her know what I want but when it comes to printed diapers for instance she's completely against it. Yet she sent me pictures of printed diapers and she'll joke about it.

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    It's a bit confusing but maybe she's just playing around with you.

    Kinda cool that she doesn't avoid the whole diaper topic I think.

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    I was never lucky enough to have your problems. My wife had been against me even wearing white diapers or any at all.

    I think I would have thought I was dreaming if my wife would have allowed me to be diapered and told me to use them. Your wife has not closed the door on you wearing diapers, just printed diapers are a problem. If she is intimate with you in the ways that you describe, you still have an opening. That she sends you pictures and jokes about printed diapers is not a bad sign either.

    Give it time, she may just be trying to get comfortable with the idea that she has an adult baby on her hands. If she wants you to be honest and she is honest with you, it may just be time you need. Maybe the next time she talks to you like a child respond back to her like a child and see what happens. Just make sure you are the adult she needs to have went you are needed that way. If you can give your wife what she needs of you, she may give you what you would like from her.

    I wish you the best of luck with your desires to get your printed diapers. It is great to see couples that can talk about these kinds of subjects without it causing a major disruption in their marriage.

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    I guess this does sort of sound like first world problems. Considering a lot of people have trouble even getting this far in a relationship after divulging our secrets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass88 View Post
    I guess this does sort of sound like first world problems. Considering a lot of people have trouble even getting this far in a relationship after divulging our secrets.
    I recommend a nice night out, and intoxicant(s) of your choice. When you're both sufficiently loose, and it comes up in sexy time conversation (or if you need a diaper change), you should talk about it. Find out her specific reasons - maybe they're not entirely rational - maybe she just isn't "there yet", maybe there is something that you can do to help move things along. Maybe she thinks you're not into being a baby?

    If you're anything like me and you need consistent progression, you'll be stumped on how to get her to change poopy diapers and it'll only come up as self-loathing begging during a drunken rant on the ride home from the bar.. 😑

    Definitely some first world problems, but still problems nonetheless. Bottom line : She's your wife - you should be able to tell her anything. You should be able to talk about anything. Get the conversation started. This is your life, and you're not getting any younger...

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    Maybe she wants you to be a bad boy and order them. Secretly get some and when she makes you drop your pants like you say she does, bam! Instant spanking for being bad? Or if you think she is actually serious maybe don't piss her off? Sounds like she's tempting you to disobey her so she can take things to a new level, just my two coppers.

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    Well i decided to test the waters so to speak. I ordered a sample of atn tranquility without telling her. I know it's not the same as ordering cushies or something but i just want to see what her reaction is going to be when the mail comes. Should be here sometime this week. Hehehe

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    So after baseball tonight we get home and she asks me out of the blue if i wanted to order some printed diapers! She then asked if i wanted to be a baby. I'm kind of floored by it all. When she asked me about being a baby i sort of shrugged and she told me to just admit it. Not sure where this is going but I'll try to keep you all updated.

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    Alright. So we were looking at diapers and i want to get the abu space ones. But the only problem is, we're in Canada and they won't let us pay through PayPal. So we were looking on eBay but their shipping costs are too high. Any suggestions for Canadian based companies?

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