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Thread: Libero or Drynites?

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    Default Libero or Drynites?

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm thinking of buying some diapers for the first time. I've nailed it down to Libero SleepTight 10 or DryNites Boys 8-15.

    At the moment I just want to see what it's like and then I might buy some others.

    So what do you think I should get? Libero or DryNites?

    Also, is there anywhere (in the UK) that has discreet shipping and is generally a good site? I was thinking of just using Amazon.

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    Try NappiesRus or EBay. Both are discreet. I'd go with drynites if I where you. I find libero aren't really a good fit unless you've got a small build.

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    I'd say DryNites, as the Libero tends to be more fragile in the sidebands

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    Your welcome

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    I don't know about the new SleepTights, but I really liked their predecessor, Liberio Night Comfort. Drynites have way more stretchy sides and it makes them fit way better. If you are not particularly small I would go with Drynites.

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    Try eBay, and get samples of: Korean goodnites, and drynites.

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    Thanks, for some reason I decided to go against the recommendations of getting DryNites and bought the Libero ones from NappiesRus.
    I guess I'll see whether it was a good idea or not, haha. I might try and get some DryNites in the future.

    Thanks for the help!

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