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Thread: My Plans for getting diapers feel like they Are foiled

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    Default My Plans for getting diapers feel like they Are foiled

    I was going to buy diapers from the pharmacy early Around 10 ist in the Morning tommrrow but my Dad announced that he has a lot to Do and he wants to Start early aus possible. He is going to question why i am up early. I go for Walks everyday so Would he question me if i bring a bag? I have to Look After the Puppy if He's Doing Jobs Around the House. I have a oder Brother but he Doesnt get up Till Late als he Gomes to work Around 5. i Could go later but i dont Want Teenagers seeing me get inconinents products through the pharmacy Windows. Should i go early aus planned (pharmacy Opens Around 8-9ish) Or to later and Risk Teenagers seeing? I just went to the Shop As he knows, should i say i forgot to buy something? Please help, im Having a Major Panik Attacke here!

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    I am inkontinent but my Family Doesnt Know and i dont Want to tell

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    If you're actually incontinent, I think just telling your family is the best bet.

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    From what you've said, I think it might be better to wait until you can go at the hour where you'll be most comfortable and when your dad isn't around. The other alternative is to go when there might be teens because they might notice less than you think. People are usually absorbed in their own business, though teens might be more likely to notice.

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    Thanks if i Cant go this Morning i will go later. Its not Teens to be Interested in pharmacys and i think they Would Walk Right past me without a Second Glance. I Can always petzend they Are for my grandmother

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    I Managed to get them before he got up. Got them in SuperDrug for 5.99. Havnt tried them yet but they seem descrete. I have drawn on them and put Stickers on so they Look like Baby diapers. I got Tape to make them fit to Site and i am going to Cut the Sides so they Can he like real diapers.

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    Do you wanna See them. Btw i got 3 Packs of 12 not really descrete walking Around with but aus Long als i to early there shouldn,t be a Problem. I hid them in my drawers under my clothes and under the bottom Drawer, in my toybag, in an Old Handbag in a compartment and in a Pole of Old School Books under my bed where Nobody will Look. So happy!

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