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  1. dogboy

    A Little with Cerebral Palsy

    Hi Colin and welcome to the site. Though I don't have CP, there are several members on this site who do and they'll probably say hello. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here. I certainly do and the members and friendly.
  2. dogboy

    Any abdl/diaper fantasies or scenarios?

    When I was 6 - 8, I'd play with my cousins who lived two houses over, several families living in a row of houses and we all had Our Gang Comedy/Little Rascals names. The cousin closest to my age was Spanky and my cousins said I was Scotty. Scotty was Spanky's best friend before Alfalfa joined...
  3. dogboy

    Summer is here!

    I cooked my first hamburger in 2021 last night. Fresh corn on the cob was in at the grocery store so I bought 4 ears and had one ear with the hamburger. I also sliced a tomato and an onion for the burger and had a cold beer to go along. It may not be summer yet but the past several days have...
  4. dogboy

    Any NASCAR fans?

    Looking at today's weather report, Martinsville is going to get a lot of rain. I'm getting the rain now. The rains coming from the southwest and Martinsville is southwest of me by about 90 miles so I suspect they'll have to finish the race tomorrow.
  5. dogboy

    Paranormal Happenings

    Well, either it's because you were high or your ghost was high! Just kidding. I've seen a ghost so I know they exist.
  6. dogboy

    Sissy/Girl Art

    All really cute drawings.
  7. dogboy

    Sissy/Girl Art

    I'm a bit grumpy when I have to get up early too.
  8. dogboy

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the site. I think you'll make a number of friends here.
  9. dogboy

    Any NASCAR fans?

    Sorry to hear they closed down Englishtown. I used to go there with my parents when I was a kid. They closed down the 1/4 track near Lynchburg, VA as well.
  10. dogboy

    (for movie collectors only) What was the last movie(s) you got?

    I've been trying to buy the 1958 movie, "Invader from Mars" on Amazon but they want $55.00 for a black and white '50s movie. They're out of their minds!
  11. dogboy


    No no ade; it's mold like black mold that grows on condemned bathrooms. There's fungus among us. (Okay, it's fungus not mold but I think they're close) I like mushrooms however. Had them on my chicken tonight. Chicken in a crock pot with Campbells Golden Mushroom soup poured on top. More...
  12. dogboy

    Covid jab, here I come!

    I've got my card in a clear plastic sandwich bag. Ah...American ingenuity!
  13. dogboy

    Any NASCAR fans?

    I was the keyboardist for a very good rock cover band and we were the band that played for the wedding reception for Joe Gibbs pitcrew chief, Petry. Security was amazing; two big guys who looked like they were X Navy Seals. There were some young women who tried to crash the event and they were...
  14. dogboy


    I can remember my mom telling me to never eat wild mushrooms. As little kids growing up with very little money, we knew how to forage in the woods but we also knew to stay away from mushrooms. I think every year there was a story in the newspaper of somebody dying from eating poisonous mushrooms.
  15. dogboy

    Any NASCAR fans?

    Living in Virginia, I keep track of who's winning via the news but I don't usually watch. That said, when I was in my 20's I owned two cars which I raced on the1/4 mile track. I was a member of the NHRA and for a brief time held a national record in M pure stock. I of course was cheating but...
  16. dogboy


    Is the strange white stuff a different kind of fungus?
  17. dogboy

    Covid jab, here I come!

    Maybe you were making ferret squeaking noises?
  18. dogboy

    Been Around for a While but

    Hi and welcome back. I remember you or at least your screen name.
  19. dogboy

    I'm New and Struggling

    That's how I feel. I deal with so much depression and loneliness that if wearing and wetting my diaper one or two days a week makes the depression go away, then why not. We're supposed to be happy, aren't we, especially if it hurts no one on the planet.
  20. dogboy

    Surgery scheduled.

    Hopefully you'll soon get back to normal. I think I know how you feel. I want to get out on my bike but the last time I went riding, my neck hurt so much that I almost had to walk back. I was in a lot of pain two days ago and I'm hesitant to risk riding a 7 mile trail if I'm only going to...