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  1. Dbabdlstore

    Abdl product option

    We at dbabdlstore want to reach out to the people that matter and let you help us make some of the design decisions for some of our new clothing items we are bringing out. Alittle about us we are a little big couple that are very involved with our local abdl communities and have been running a...
  2. Dbabdlstore

    New website sent live today check it out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Dbabdlstore

    Headed to NYC!!

    We're gonna do alittle site seeing and exploring anyone who if any hidden abdl places on the city that may have item to look at ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Dbabdlstore

    Abdl inspired clothing

    We are looking into you first run of abdl style t shirts for all you little that like to expose your diapers but we need your help. The big decision we have is a normal collar or a envelope collar Similar to a onesie collar. Second would be the theme and we wanna stay with the top current...
  5. Dbabdlstore

    Retailer in the abdl world looking for feedback

    We have had a pretty successful run in the abdl world. But things are starting to slow down. We are looking into new option and ideas. what all products would you all be looking for now that is hard to find. We specialize in creating sample packs of multiple brands so a buyer that's new into...
  6. Dbabdlstore

    Hello all please help us out with ideas.

    We are a abdl retailer that has been going strong for a few years now. We are starting to branch out to the babyfur area and looking for your help. What kind of play outfits are you most into and what's a price range that would make you jump right into one asap. This is a expensive move for us...