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  1. jellyjigger

    RANT: retailers, please be clear about the type of backing on diapers!

    Here we are, 2 decades into the mainstream availability of cloth-like adult diapers and descriptions are still unreliable, non-updated and plainly beat around the bush as if we are all stupid. In the old days, you could easily tell the outer backing of a diaper by looking for the prescence of...
  2. jellyjigger

    What wasitbanded plastic euro diaper is this?

    Being US based, I'm not an expert in european diapers but I've seen loads of descriptive pictures throughout the years. My initial guess is a medium vintage Lillie or [less] possibly a Tena? Since it appears plastic-backed, I assume these are no longer available?
  3. jellyjigger

    Diaper Fixation meets Past Life Regression Therapy

    DISCLAIMER: This post involves the topic of reincarnation. Some religions might consider this blasphemous, so read at your own risk of being offended. I had done some work in the past with two psychics (or mediums), one of which identified as a "shaman" who were able to provide information...
  4. jellyjigger

    Depend Max with Tabs update - slight improvement to plastic backing

    I like to buy a package or two of plastic backed medical brand diapers to keep tabs (pun intended) on any products changes for good or worse, mostly to see which diapers remain plastic backed. As you know, plastic thickness and crinkliness vary slightly even between batches of the best diapers...
  5. jellyjigger

    When plastic backing cannot be phased-out, it is hidden

    When researching the official reasoning given by corporations as to why plastic-backed products have been phased out over the years, one of the reasons people rarely talk about got me thinking after I read about it a few days ago. Besides the mainstream majority of people with incontinence...
  6. jellyjigger

    Diaper design items to hide in plain sight - a subtle public beacon?

    I just came across this site Redbubble (and no I'm not affiliated with them in any way), but I was intrigued that you could buy mugs, shirts, pillow covers and bedspreads with some common medical diaper designs (such as Tena, Abena and Molicare). Someone had posted a Redbubble link on adisc...
  7. jellyjigger

    First Quality plastic-backed discontinued

    Specifically these are the IB-012 model, which have been sold at least as far back as the early 90s and have been the only plastic-backed diaper sold under the Prevail name for about 15 years. The official word is that they are discontinued and the normal shipping outlets are out of stock...
  8. jellyjigger

    Incontinence Medical Bracelet

    I've recently come across variations of incontinence/health ID cards; examples include a free card such as the write-in one the TSA distributes and a paid laminated one that can be purchased by some ABDL companies that is directly targetted for being put in diapers as opposed to catheters. They...
  9. jellyjigger

    Shiny plastic vs. rough plastic backed ABDL diapers

    I prefer plastic-backed medical diapers so I normally avoid the overpriced ABDL diapers. However in a recent impulse buy, I added a 12-pack of the AwwSoCute Purple Teddy-Bears to my Amazon cart along with other stuff I was ordering as the cost wasn't as high as in most ABDL brands and these are...
  10. jellyjigger

    Disposable Training Pants with Scent?

    Does anyone know of any diapers or training pants for children on the larger-size range (such as 6 and up) that are scented? I understand why they wouldn't be popular as older kids wouldn't want anyone to notice but wondering if they exist? Were Goodnights ever scented?
  11. jellyjigger

    Being caught with a vintage adult diaper

    This is along the same lines as bobbilly's thread "Whats worse. Being caught with AB nappies or medical nappies?". For those who have large stashes of vintage diapers, it is not uncommon to wear one from time to time. Has anyone ever worn a vintage diaper and had extra explaining to do or...
  12. jellyjigger

    Comprehensive list on why cloth-like disposables can be inferior

    If you prefer cloth-like disposables, more power to you as you have a vastly greater selection than those preferring plastic-backed disposables. The general attitude in the medical industry is that there are no good reasons for plastic-backing. I prefer plastic-backing primarily due to the...
  13. jellyjigger

    Best method to ensure diaper "compliance" in medical settings

    All my life, I've politely asked (even pleaded) for diapers, but the response is almost always the same. There are many posts where people try to figure out ways to convince medical staff to allow people like us to wear diapers so we can have our home comforts in a medical setting and many find...
  14. jellyjigger

    Attends Poly Briefs - Highly recommend!

    Lately, (like the past 15 years!) the Attends have been kind of crappy. Every couple of years I like to try out various brands out to see if they've changed. I tried a case of the Attends Poly Briefs last week as they are plastic backed and are actually a cheaper version of the waistband...
  15. jellyjigger

    Depend rant and plastic-backed diapers as of mid-2016

    The loss of the adult diaper staple-brand Depend going the way of cloth-like more than hits a nerve for me, although I can't say I wasn't surprised as the writing has been on the wall for a while. Anybody that wears something in their "private area", offering some type of protection every day...
  16. jellyjigger

    Hi All - baby scent tips

    Looking to read about ABDL tips and tricks - such as finding the luvs, pampers smell without having to buy the luvs/pampers. Here's a tip: the standard baby powder scent is finally easy to find and my recommendation is to buy the concentrate at big box pet store, in a blue container and you...