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  1. K

    Covering up diapers in public

    I wore one to church but I covered it up with underwear then I wore a belt and my miami heat jersey which is a medium + 2 inches length making the length go right below my jean pockets.
  2. K

    NOT Sleeping Well In Diapers

    I'm the totally opposite it's hard for me to get to sleep without wearing one. I've tried to wet myself while I'm sleeping but the only time it works is when I'm drunk
  3. K

    What your baby age

    2-4 years. id love to still be in the crib smelling the fresh baby powder while sucking on a nuki but with full conscious of my own age (16). but then again I also would love to be a tot still in diapers getting dressed up for different events.
  4. K

    Hello! Im new on this site, and looking to make some friends

    I used to play runescape all the time
  5. K

    YOUR Stash!

    A pack of goodnites, Depends strapable ones I have a bib, nuki, plastic sheets all in my closet I want plastic pants so bad :(