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  1. Tristen

    Getting dirty

    That's pretty much how i view things. keep clean as long as possible, and if it's impossible to keep clean... just deal with the filth... it's that inbetween stage that I hate... just being a little dirty... it's either clean or filthy for me... there's no comfortable middle grounds, lol
  2. Tristen


    Unfortunately, from a sociological standpoint, furries are quite unusual. "Normal" is based on the average of the majority of a society, and technically speaking, anything outside of those bounds counts as abnormal. The difference in interpretation in how someone says something is quite...
  3. Tristen

    Personal Care Items

    I like injectors and DE razors :3 They remind me of AND razors are less than $0.50 per razor
  4. Tristen

    Question about Collars

    I like lagardo's leather... very soft... either buffalo leather or others... a variety of colours... my BF bought me my collar and we got a tag at petco :3
  5. Tristen

    Get togethers at cons

    ^ this :tongueout:
  6. Tristen

    Starting the New Year off right - 2012

    I'll be at a party with the "crinkle crew" (a group of babyfur friends i know somewhat locally) ... so it's very unlikely I WON'T be padded... even if I didn't intend on being padded when i showed up for the party, hehe
  7. Tristen

    Most fun in diapers

    I went ice skating today... that was fun :3
  8. Tristen

    Every time someone mentions Abena or whatever the brand is..

    not to detract from the topic... but guns are not a tool of war. they are simply a tool. I use guns for relaxation and challenge. I enjoy the precision and challenge of target practice. Every gun ever created can be used for non war applications... that said... the M1 would most likely trigger...
  9. Tristen

    Powder or oil, do you guys use it?

    I use baby powder every day in my normal undies too ... i shave everything below my ears, so to keep things from sticking, I like to include some powder in my day :p
  10. Tristen


    I chew the crap out of anything i can get my teeth on :3
  11. Tristen

    What your baby age

    My usual age is 5-9 ... Most times around 5-7... But it depends on how I'm feeling that day
  12. Tristen

    Thoughts on computer

    SSD prices have come down a lot... Still about 1.50 or a little more a gig for a nice one... My 256 cost me 700 when I bought it D: now I can find really nice ones at the same capacity for 300-350 :3
  13. Tristen

    I just gotta new friend...

    He's super cuddly :3 You should get one
  14. Tristen

    Side sleepers: What do you wear to bed?

  15. Tristen

    Side sleepers: What do you wear to bed?

    you could try putting booster pads off to one side or another... but in general... sleeping on one's side is a certain way to leak ... or, deal with the leak and use an under-pad to leak onto
  16. Tristen

    Dry 24/7 Recommendation

    the tapes on my dry24/7's always rip the outer plastic if i try to reposition... maybe you got something on the tape while you were putting it on or something, hehe, dunnow, just a thought =^_^= Otherwise, your assessment is fairly accurate compared to my experiences of them :D
  17. Tristen

    What albums are you listening to lately?

    Jethro Tull Marillion Jefferson starship/aeroplane Supertramp Plushgun I've been on a vinyl bender... Cant get enough
  18. Tristen

    I just gotta new friend...

    Misha is the Russian pet-form so-to-speak of the name Michael. :3
  19. Tristen

    How much until they leak?

    Things sold by amazon, or are amazon prime eligible almost always get sent in amazon boxes. Some non-amazon sales can be shipped in company or non-standard packaging Just check and make sure that whatever you buy is sold or distributed by amazon and you should be fine
  20. Tristen

    I just gotta new friend...

    such cute names, hehe :D