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  1. Uzuki

    Confessions of a British DL

    Yes, it was an euphoric experience. The soft conteurs of the padding pressed up against me. Even without powder it was comfortable. I kept it for as long as possible before using it, taking it off before school and rushing home to wear it again. I'd be thinking about it all through the school...
  2. Uzuki

    Obsessed with Baby Diapers

    Okay - so I'm making this thread to confess a small obsession for baby diapers, and so that others with similar feelings towards these little diapers/nappies may also share their thoughts. This isn't meant for debate on the subject, which I'm aware is common in the ABDL community, just friendly...
  3. Uzuki

    Confessions of a British DL

    I am also from the UK and throughout the 90s and early 2000s would spend a lot of time at childminders after school and during the summer holidays. It was always mixed ages, so a fair mix of babies, toddlers, and kids my age. This meant that there was always a surplus of nappies and the smell of...
  4. Uzuki

    If you have tried the XL Goodnites, what do you think of them?

    I haven't tried them yet but you can bet I'm excited to! Who else is still waiting for the day Pampers make a size for up to 140lbs? lol
  5. Uzuki

    Baby diapers as stuffers, I’m becoming a fan 🤯

    I experimented once and used an adult diaper boost pad to stuff a Pampers Baby Dry size 6! Oddly enough the booster pad was the same length as the Baby Diaper and fortunately I’m small enough for Pampers size 6 to remain on me without breaking or needing to stretch too far. It was a euphoric...
  6. Uzuki

    Pampers Size 7 vs. Goodnites XL (2021)

    I personally enjoy the 3-channel absorbency feature in the Pampers line. Very comfortable when they swell up and the wetness is distributed in a unique and fitting way that hugs your delicate parts whilst remaining dry on the skin. Sizing? It’s hard to compare since Pampers size 7 installed the...
  7. Uzuki

    Longest baby diaper

    I miss when Pampers size 7 could actually stretch and they weren't just those stay-put tapes. They fit perfectly on me, never tore and remained in place until I was finished with them. I know wearing real baby diapers is a hot-button topic in the abdl community, many claiming that you cannot...
  8. Uzuki

    Any Wild Ideas For The New Sized Goodnites Coming This Spring?

    Someone I follow on YouTube was sent a free sample as a sponsorship by P&G. They're the same designs as before. All white would be amazing.
  9. Uzuki

    Size 7 pampers

    Oh I'd love to hear someone other than myself "babble" on about how amazing Pampers are! I have never tried those "convert-ups," but they sound revolutionary for other ABDLs who love baby diapers. I'm fortunate enough to have a small enough frame to fit into them by stretching the sides. Both...
  10. Uzuki

    Pampers bigger in the past

    Yeah, when I first began buying nappies at 14 in secret with my allowance, I knew nothing about sizes. I swear I must have been super dumb. The first nappies I ever bought were for newborns lol. It was still an incredible experience that I remember fondly, however.
  11. Uzuki

    Pampers bigger in the past

    Those plastic pampers nappies never came with the stretchy sides modern Pampers have (excluding size 7 now unfortunately). So trying to get them to fit would be a near impossibility unless you have a thin frame. Many wearers are fortunate enough to have a thin enough frame to wear them...
  12. Uzuki

    target size 7 diapers

    Anyone bought these at all? I would like to know how they measure against pampers size 7
  13. Uzuki

    size 7 diaper

    Any chance you could post a picture of you in them? I'm curious.
  14. Uzuki

    We don't have many "true" baby diapers in adult sizes

    ABDL diapers are all imported from the same Chinese manufacturers. They just custom print their own logos on the plastic and increase the price by 500% and the ABDL eats it up because there's no one else to undercut their business with something better. Pampers would never design a baby diaper...
  15. Uzuki

    Pampers Size 7 Swaddlers Vs Cruisers

    I'll first start off by saying I'm a huge fan of Pampers Swaddlers Size 7. They are by far my favourite diaper. I've tried both Cruisers and Swaddlers Size 7 and quite honestly the only difference I can decipher is the absorbancy. The Cruisers seem to be unable to absorb quickly which causes...
  16. Uzuki

    mummy's boy

    Can I ask why it bugs your dad? I have a mommy in RL and we live together. I was always a mommy's boy growing up but my mom wanted me to grow up the second I could start speaking so it was like bleurgh. But I was so lucky enough to meet my mommy when I was 17 and I never looked back hehe. She...
  17. Uzuki

    Want to see a true baby diaper in adult sizes?

    I sincerely doubt this will ever progress into anything. As mentioned in previous posts, it's been tried before by hundreds if not thousands of other ABDLs. I always fantasized about being a billionaire and secretly paying Pampers a million dollars to privately make adult pampers just for me XP...
  18. Uzuki

    I'm done with US Pampers

    Oh! Sorry...Check out ebay under international sellers.
  19. Uzuki

    I'm done with US Pampers

    Don't be sorry, that's fine. I mentioned in my main post that I compared UK Pampers size 6 with US Pampers size 6 and found the UK ones to be considerably larger. They fit me perfectly where as the US ones couldn't fit at all.
  20. Uzuki

    I'm done with US Pampers

    Well I think it's common knowledge in the ABDL community that larger sizes in Pampers have been known to fit adults. I have a small waist and they fit great in the UK as did the old Pampers size 7. They also held a great lot. But for some reason Pampers have shrunk their product.