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  1. wisefox

    The best decisions I could take

    Yep, I finally told my girl about my AB/DL interest. She reacted a lot better than I expected! She's got no problem with me wearing Kiddish clothes and watching cartoon (that, she like it too) but despite what she's telling me, I noticed she have a hard time accepting the diapers. I wored just...
  2. wisefox

    First order!!!

    I ordered for the first time online!!! I took the bambino teddy and... I had to share this.:sweatdrop: Next, i think I will try the abu cushies. But I have a question for you. I read the reviews on the bambino and I was pretty confuse by the sizing of this brand. I have a waist of 38, so I...
  3. wisefox


    Hello everyone, I discover this magnificient forum only two days ago and I have to say, this place already helps me a lot! I've went to college only during a year in litterature ( I am from the province of Quebec, so this explain why my english is not great) and I'm currently working full time...