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  1. mayeyeplease

    Is there a need for a brick/mortar store in ST. Louis area

    I know there is Personal Care in Fort Wayne but is there a need for a store closer to St. Louis? My gf says the way I explain different diaper types and brands would be benificial to customers. She works with in home patience that need protection and ALL of them are using cheap ineffective...
  2. mayeyeplease

    Ever heard of EGOSAN?

    I saw an ad on craigslist for 1/2 a case of egosan breifs for $30. I've never heard of them tho so don't know if it's worth it.
  3. mayeyeplease

    Sample pack

    So I just got some sample packs from Personal Care in Fort Wayne, IN. The problem I'm having is the diapers aren't labeled. I'm planning on eventually doing reviews. My girlfriend (who wasn't into diapers before we met) says I'd be really good at explaining the +\- of different diapers and could...
  4. mayeyeplease

    Going on a trip

    Well here is my situation. I am heading out of town for the first time since I have become IC Saturday. I want some Tena Slips to take for the plane ride.I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have any ideas of how to get some of these so called magnifisant forms of protection by saturday...
  5. mayeyeplease

    St. Louis Medical supplies

    Does anyone know of any local med shops that stock/can order Tena Slip?
  6. mayeyeplease

    in your diaper

    Have you ever put pumpkin guts in your diaper?
  7. mayeyeplease

    im the new guy

    Hey my name is Eric I just found this site a few weeks ago..thought I would check it out. I am incontinent (pee only) and have been since about 14yrs old.It is neurological so my brain doesnt always tell my bladder to hold.I am way into music of all kinds.I like to play drums.Mostly hand...