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  1. LefthandedWriter

    Your oldest Teddy/Plushie/Soft Toy/Cuddle Buddy

    The oldest teddy I have by far is...well, teddy. He was a three-day-old gift from my second cousin, store bought or homemade(Story differs depending on who you ask). It's funny cause he was too big to cuddle up with as a baby/toddler but now he's the perfect size :)
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    Haikus, anyone?

    Why are we doing this Limericks are much more fun Not complaining though
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    Story Time ( How did YOU get the chance to start wearing again )

    Let's keep this thread going, it's pretty interesting thus far. I honestly don't remember what being in diapers was like the first time around, I was trained at 2 and a half and didn't get to wear them except on the days I had an accident. I remember being in the second grade or so and having a...
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    >//< omg the oatmeal thinggy in diapers are just...

  5. LefthandedWriter

    >//< omg the oatmeal thinggy in diapers are just...

    Oatmeal in diapers? u wot m8 Seriously though, care to explain, Puffs?
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    thinking about telling my best friend

    I told my best friend about it and she was so supportive! She accepted it, asked questions, and has sort of been my journal about my journey into the ABDL world. If you're best friend is your best friend, they'll accept it. After explaining what the acronym meant she seemed curious about the...
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    How to hide Your diapers

    I keep my diapers(and the other private items in my possession) in an organizer that no one goes in. I keep them buried under a light layer of stuff, mainly an old baby blanket and other stuff. It's discreet and out of the way. I only really use them when I'm home alone (not really easy seeing...
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    A Way for College Students to Get Diapers Free

    I have a debit card for my financial aid, but it was only recently loaded with cashy money. Thanks for the other tip if that doesn't work. Yup, it took it. Woo!
  9. LefthandedWriter

    A Way for College Students to Get Diapers Free

    Oh wow, I'm definitely trying this. Just a couple questions though, how do you refer people and why haven't I heard of it sooner? - - - Updated - - - So, all is going well until they need a credit card. I don't have one, any suggestions other than give up?
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    Magic: the Gathering

    Another good one to have is Whispering Madness (2BU, everyone discards their hands and picks up the highest number of cards discarded). Having unblockables like Keymaster Rogue (3B, 3/2, return creature from field to your hand), Deathcult Rogue (1 B/U B/U, 2/2, only blockable by other rogues)or...
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    Magic: the Gathering

    Likewise Orzhov, I took mine apart and combined with the Selesnya because of a rare I pulled in a booster that had both halves. Ready and Willing. - - - Updated - - - Card shops are good places to start. Some comic book stores sell cards, that's how I got into Yu-Gi-Oh. If there are any in...
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    Magic: the Gathering

    I'm down, what intro decks?
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    Magic: the Gathering

    Yeah, a lot of cool stuff I have accumulated is going to be phased out, like my Angelic Overseer. NP, I know typing on a phone can be rough. - - - Updated - - - Yeah, that sounds like online players. I don't play it that much, for the same reason I don't play the Duel of the Planeswalkers- it...
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    Magic: the Gathering

    If you need help with mill decks, I can offer some helpful tips. It basically involves a Jace, Memory Adept (3BB, +1 draw a card, 0 mill ten, -8 pick up twenty) four Tome Scours (B, mill five), a Traumatize (3BB, mill half the deck), peanut butter (because I'm hungry), and duct tape. Pair it...
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    Magic: the Gathering

    I was wondering if anyone played Magic: the Gathering here on ADISC and found a few threads last touched quite a while ago. I started around Lorwyn, stopped playing in Eventide because I didn't have any friends to duel, and then recently started again last year. Return to Ravnica was the next...
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    Do you have a favourite Pokémon?

    Favorite pokemon of all time....hmm..... I'd have to go with Umbreon, because it's also my favorite Eeveelution, and because I was the only one in my circle of friends to have one.
  17. LefthandedWriter

    Under the Dome

    As with most Stephen King works turned into movies/miniseries, the books were better. I find it to be something of an improvement, because remembering who did the thing and names isn't my strong suit, but I enjoyed the book better.
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    Teddy Bears and stuffed animals

    Most of my stuffed animals ended up in boxes when my mom and I were moving, but I still have and sleep with a few: Rainbow Dash being the newest, and the oldest being two tigers, a kitten, a penguin, and a teddy bear that my second cousin got me when I was a month old. It may not be much, but...
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    Craigslist Posting...Fishy or no?

    Seen good and bad stuff come off Craigslist. My dad once sold some car parts, and that went well. But, just in case, he took me along, and he had grabbed a wrench and told me to use it if something went wrong. Thankfully, nothing did. So, try to verify their statements first, leave any valuables...
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    Anime You're Currently Watching?

    Rurouni Kenshin, because it's funny, can be dramatic, and even a bit heart-wrenching at times. Next on the list is Attack on Titan and finish InuYasha, which I started when I was 12.