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  1. thegamer408

    my collection of boy's Pull-Ups, in chronological order

    Sorry guys, I know not everyone likes Pull-Ups (or other baby diapers in general), but I'd like to share my collection of various types of Huggies Pull-Ups designs that I have, and would like to make as complete of a collection as would be possible eventually. I'll start with my collection, but...
  2. thegamer408

    Interesting observations on Huggies Pull-Ups (warning: conspiracy theories ahead)

    To begin, I don't want to start an argument about how adults can't fit into these diapers. This isn't about that. I recently bought a pack of 3T-4T Night-Time Pull-Ups, and I noticed that they were noticeably less thick than I remember them being. Comparing them to my 3T-4T Cool and Learn...
  3. thegamer408

    Post-micturation dribbling

    Does anyone here have any experience with PMD? I've been experiencing something like that for a few years now, and I'm kinda worried about it progressing into full-blown incontinence. A few years ago, my thighs started getting chafed around the edges of my underwear, and I didn't really think...
  4. thegamer408

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi. I'm thegamer408. I've been a Lurker for a long time. I'm a DL, and as my username implies, I like videogames.