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  1. jguy

    What is it like to poop?

    It’s been a while since I used diapers regularly, but I vividly recall all the sensations of the whole journey from first time putting them on to going out in public in fully soiled diapers. It came step-wise for me though rather rapidly. From the early beginning I peed in my diapers and...
  2. jguy

    plastic pants

    I wear two plastic pants over my disposables. Gary Snap-On Pants and Gary Pull-On Bloomers. I love the feeling and the sound – they are quite noisy and can be heard through clothing. They add smell-protection but not really leak-protection.
  3. jguy

    How to keep a home from smelling when someone uses adult diapers

    One thing is disposal - and there's been some good advice here. Another is when wearing. I suggest good quality plastic pants (preferably bloomers) that completely cover the diaper. As mentioned bedore, plastic pants do not offer any real leak protection, but they are effective in odour control.
  4. jguy

    A night out drinking

    Yes, alcohol has an effect, for sure. I have IBS and if I sense a "problematic" night out, I wear diapers AND plastic pants. Plastic pants do not really protect against actual leaks (unless you tape them up), but they are very efficient as odour-control. Especially if you wear the socalled...
  5. jguy

    I finally did it!

    Congrats - very good. The first time is always the hardest, but reality probably is that only in our minds do we imagine that other shoppers will notice :-)
  6. jguy

    Actually Incontinent?

    It's fair to remember, that the forum-desciption is AB/DL/IC Support, AB/DL being first, so I guess it cannot be surprising that there are fetishist here - myself included. That said, folks (fetishists) expressing a wish to become incon are most likely expressing a fantasy on their behalf, and...
  7. jguy

    So excited

    Awesome! I to remember the excitement - especially once I received them. Do enjoy - and I suggest you read the thread here on washing your plastics after wear. Some good advice to make them last longer.
  8. jguy

    Why do you enjoy wearing diapers?

    When I started wearing actually not so long ago it was out of an emerging fetish curiosity - I was attracted to the idea, so to speak. Once I began it didn't take long to "get addicted". I found it immensely pleasurable both at a physical and psychological level and I almost immediately began...
  9. jguy

    I made a dumb decision

    Why would it (probably) be illegal to wear used diapers?
  10. jguy

    What size pampers do I need?

    I have 34" waist which is considered medium, I believe. I actually prefer large diapers, and they are flexible in their taping on the front, so it doesn't have to be a socalled "perfect fit". Better to err on the larger than the smaller side.
  11. jguy

    Buying diapers online

    Why don't you just buy them cash in the local supermarket or drugstore? That seems to me to be the easiest solution - unless, of course, you want a particular brand that they don't have.
  12. jguy

    Just Bought my First Adult Sized Diapers, What should I expect?

    Be excited, experiment and enjoy! The pleasure of wearing adult diapers is tremendous. In my case I prefer them on the larger side - I'm a medium but usually buy large. But such matters are for yourself to discover. You may want plastic pants (outers) as well - especially if you plan to poop in...
  13. jguy

    washing plastic pants

    I suggest you wash them after every use - either in the shower or in the sink and just hang them to drip-dry. It takes 20 seconds and you prolong their longevity. Soap is not necessary every time unless you soiled them.
  14. jguy

    Messing In Front Of Friends?

    I have to understand this, so pardon me a dumb question, but are you talking about messing your diapers in front of someone or taking a regular, un-diapered dump (in a toilet)? If the first, I'd certainly respect the other person's limits and probably only do it with a fellow-messing-lover (or...
  15. jguy

    I made a dumb decision

    I believe there actually are cabinets in aircraft lavatories - will have to pay attention to that on my next long-haul. As a member of certain more "adventurous" toilet-themed fora, so to speak, I realize that a great deal of people's writings are, indeed, fiction, which is absolutely fine. This...
  16. jguy

    Telling friends that you love diapers?

    Ditto that - keep it on a "need-to-know" basis. This is a fetish that to most lay-people is pretty weird, so I'd be selective in my confessions. That said, I'm also into BDSM and leather/rubber fetishism and "everybody" knows that - never kept it a secret, and never had any problems with that...
  17. jguy

    How many of you like to mess?

    I too am in messed (and wet) diapers as we speak and I usually fill them to the brim (3-5 hrs). To me messing my diaper is highly enjoyable - both erotically/psychologically and physically. With a certain degree of IBS I usually mess "on the soft side" so to speak, and the act of messing is very...
  18. jguy

    So sick of "trying" to buy nappies

    Congrats, mon ami. The first time is always the most difficult :-) Well done!
  19. jguy

    The exhibitionism in wearing diapers

    To me it is part of the enjoyment - probably sort of similar to being cuckolded when your girlfriend/boyfriend is promiscuous, and people knows about it and feel sympathetic and a bit sorry for you :-) They should only know... :-)
  20. jguy

    So, this is a little bit different, but probably not as much as I think...

    Plastic-pants will not really contain anything but smell - so if you peepoo it would probably be sort of a mess unless you tape them up REALLY well. But just wearing plastic-pants is a very sensual feeling - as alternative underwear :-)