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  1. Songnar

    Whelp. That was embarassing.

    Soooo, I posted a pic of myself thinking it was in a closed group on the facebooks. Apparently, I need to check my eyes because I posted it publicly. 3 seconds later and one 'laughing' emoji reaction and I fixed it... still. Whoops! :sweatdrop: I don't expect anything to come of it, but let...
  2. Songnar

    Cute boys clothes?

    Soooo, I tried on a sissy dress last night and it made me feel super cute... now I'm wondering if there's anything like that for little boys to look/feel super cute in? Suggestions? Go!
  3. Songnar

    Open minded me

    So, I don't identify as a sissy or a girl or what have you, but last night I had the opportunity to try on a little dress and frilly diaper cover and, I'm not gonna lie - I get it now. I can see the appeal. I felt... cute. Just thought I'd share. :)
  4. Songnar

    I'm baaaack!

    Finally! Yaaaay! Sooo, my fiancee admitted that my little side was something she still wasn't comfortable with and since we're in an open relationship she insisted that I should try to find someone else to be my 'mommy.' Ah, yes, well, it's just that easy isn't it, dear? ...and then I did...
  5. Songnar

    Ahhh, I did a thing at WalMart...

    So, I maaaay have wandered past the baby section at walmart... Okay, so, maaaaybe I wandered THROUGH it. And bought some stuff. Like this new play mat and paci-plushy... I COULDN'T HELP IT, THEY WERE CALLING TO ME! Also, now I gotta figure out how I wanna film trying out the gerber fruit...
  6. Songnar

    Cloth backed diaper quirk

    So, wearing an ABU PreSchool cloth backed tonight and the breathable nature of this diaper feels great - unfortunate wing stretching aside - BUT it sure does cool down the wetness fast! -shiver-
  7. Songnar

    I need a tailor in Fort Worth...

    I got my new overalls with the snappier all the way up the inseam and I LOVE THEM but... the legs are too long. -_- Short people problems. Soooo, anyone know if it's even possible to hem snappy legs up?
  8. Songnar

    Today, I did a show & tell!

    This morning, I finally got enough nerve to ask my sweetheart if she would like to see my 'little' supplies. She said 'well, you've told me about everything as you've bought it but sure, if you want to show me.' So, I did. I showed her my onesies, pajamas, types of diapers (and ever explained...
  9. Songnar

    Next product adventure!

    Today, I placed an order for some adult-sized ABDL "Baby Pants" training pants. Since I'm not super comfortable being diapered at work, running around all crinkly and waddly, I'm hoping this will be a decent alternative! Just gotta try to remember not to wet them, 'cos without plastical pants...
  10. Songnar

    A little hobby I want to try again...

    So, I enjoy reading amusing scripts for the first time and recording the experience - for example: Anyone wanna link me some reviews or short humor scripts to sight-read? :laugh:
  11. Songnar

    SURPRIZE! New teddy needs a name!!

    Ahhhh!!! Mommy brought me a teddy bear today! Yaaaaay! I asked for one and she told me no but surprise!!! I'll hafta post a picture later - it's purple-ish with sparkly pink in the ears and I haven't introduced my little side to it yet but I am excited! Now, I gotta name it! I wanna be in...
  12. Songnar

    JACKBOX PARTY PACK - wanna play on Saturday?

    I'm thinking about streaming my collection of Jackbox Games on Saturday night (2/18/17, 7pm Central Time) and I formally invite my ADISC friends to join in! You'd need a screen to play the stream over Twitch and a cell phone or tablet or PC to input your answers and drawings and etc. Anyone...
  13. Songnar

    Tyakbles pants

    I obtained some 'jeans' from Tykables in the mail today, here's hoping they work out! I'll fill in the blanks when I can get home and check them out.
  14. Songnar


    My sweetheart sang me a lullaby last night 'cos I wasn't able to get to sleep and stay asleep. Last night I learned - It's not about your singing ability, it's about hearing that soothing voice coaxing you off to relaxation. :paci: Got any favorite lullabys?
  15. Songnar

    Keto recipes?

    Soooo, I'm sort of the "Ignus" of my relationship (the chef, if you prefer not to get Final Fantasy XV references) and doc just put my fiancé on a Keto diet. 100g protein per day. No more than 20g carbs per day No dairy No grain No starch ...I have no recipes or prior knowledge for this...
  16. Songnar

    Bath time fun time toys!

    I finally got my bathtime puppet wash cloth thingies and I love them soooo much! DUCKIE!! :D I don't think it's going to be possible to bathe without them ever again. Got any fun stuff you can't bathe without?
  17. Songnar

    Excited for stuff and things to arrive!

    I gots some bath scrubby puppets, a dinosaur bib and a dinosaur themed footed pajama with the snappies up the legs (so warm!) Christmas for my little side is a touch late, but it's still super excitement happy fun times. :biggrin: Not allowed to have a big stuffy yet - mommy said I have to...
  18. Songnar

    No snuggly bear for me.

    Mommy said 'no' to me getting a big teddy bear to snuggle at night while she's saving people's lives. Now I'm all pouty. :( She doesn't want anything that someone else might come in and stumble upon - fair enough - but would a big teddy bear cross that line? C'est la vie. I'll just settle for...
  19. Songnar

    I wanna get back into YouTube

    And I think I wanna do something awful for my returning video! So, Carolina Reaper ORRRR Sichuan (and reading a script of some kind afterwards?) Also, I guess I could link to my old videos...
  20. Songnar

    Spoiled myself a little...

    So, I had to take care of the grocery shopping yesterday and I happened to 'accidentially' knock some J&J baby wash and some J&J baby shampoo into my cart (oops!) My word, my skin and hair are so soft now! I enjoyed a nice bath with those products and followed up with some baby oil to lock the...