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  1. jguy

    The exhibitionism in wearing diapers

    I know I’m a bit extreme here, perhaps, and I apologize for that, but the notion of people around me realizing that I wear diapers is intoxicating. I live in a warm country, so normally I just wear loose shorts – on the outside. Inside I pack my noisy, plastic-backed Certainty-diaper with two...
  2. jguy

    The awesome crackling crinkling sound of plastic pants

    Personally, I LOVE my noisy, crinkling, crackling Gary Euroflex plastic pants and bloomers. Having slight exhibitionist tendencies I especially find it awesome to wear them in public when I go out in diapers – whether in the local stores, supermarkets, malls, restaurants etc. I realize this...
  3. jguy

    Hello all!

    Hello all – nice to meet you. I’m a fairly easy-going guy with a Masters Degree in Architecture and Design living a very fulfilling life doing things I thoroughly love. Recently I discovered the DL-side of myself and THAT I have not regretted! I wear long-time on an almost daily basis and find...
  4. jguy

    Dating in confidence - in Diapers

    Last night on a date I had my first ”non-sexual” diaper experience, so to speak. As a DL my primary attraction to diapers is a sexual fetish combined with a kind of great both psychological and physical comfort. I’ve been into this for about six months now - I wear long-time on a near daily...