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    The Daddy’s Compendium To Interacting With His ABDL Boy

    Thank you! This is actually very helpful for a lot of people. It's a way to express what we may not have the words to say.. or are a bit too embarassed. It has a great mix of ideas, but reminders that everyone is different and to do what works best for you.
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    Post Your Plushies!

    This is Kai the Third. I also got Chase from Paw Patrol, a much older Build A Bear husky, a BAB snow mew named Drifter, and a BAB Applejack!
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    Question About Sleeping with Plushies Frequently

    I tend to sleep with a small rotation of plushies, depending on which ones my daughter tends to borrow. However I have slept with a plushie for years and dont find myslef having a problem. I actually have more of a problem sleeping without a blankie. But as one of the posters mentioned, I tend...
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    The Daddy’s Compendium To Interacting With His ABDL Boy

    This is getting bookmarked and given to the next caretaker I have, especially the general info section. Just... wow.
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    Feeling rather jealous of kids pajamas..

    Awww. Im sorry. Mebbe you can work out a deal with someone where they buy it and ship it, then you reimbuss them?
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    I met my former Mommy on fet. Things were good, but we seperated after some bad drama, but it is a great resource. Especially for finding munches and stuff nearby. However, it is mostly a sexual site, so just keep that in mind.
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    Feeling rather jealous of kids pajamas..

    Check out Walmart. Theyve got awesome fuzzy onesies and stuff for around 20 dollars. I got one that is Eeyore. They are either in the adult males or adult females pj sections.