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  1. babyracer37

    SCORE!!!!! Dipers for days and days.

    Just scored 4 cases of diapers. That's 384 diapers in total. What is your best diaper score?
  2. babyracer37

    I no I'm not that cool

    I know that their are a few ppl here that play games on facebook. I was hopping that there might be a couple that play Urban Warfare. My one friend got me into this [email protected]#$% game and now I'm addicted to it. The problem with this game is you need neighbors to get stronger. And my sorry ass only has...
  3. babyracer37

    Wolf @ Heart

    I know that there are BF,LF,AF. And I have not really considered myself a furry of any kind. But a few people that I hang out with have made a few Quotes about "The Wolf in me". I was shooting pool one night and someone made mention that I remind them of a Wolf on the hunt while I'm...
  4. babyracer37

    wre do these desires/feelings come from???????

    I'm kinda new here so please forgive me if this thread is a repeat from someone else. At age 7 I tried on a diaper for the first time after being potty trained. I did it out of curiosity more than anything. After that I did not have any need/want to put one one til I graduated high school...
  5. babyracer37

    has anyone found a cheaper plase to get dipers???

    I've been trying to find the lowest place to buy diapers. I don't have to worry about how descreat the shipping is. But the fact is the cheaper the better( I'm talking about mane brands ).
  6. babyracer37


    First off I'm glad I found this site!! My name is Scott, I'm a DL and have been this way for years. I like all types of racing, horror films, video games, working on my race car, '96 T-Bird, it's a clay oval stock car.