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  1. wisefox

    going to dc munch for the first time...

    Nice, an MLP backpack! I want one!
  2. wisefox

    going to dc munch for the first time...

    Well, I go to a littlemunch once a month, so I will tell you this: Yes, you can wear a cartoony top, a lot of adults do it, so it's not a problem, but the piggy tail might be too much. Don't forget that there will be some people there that are still very ashame of themselves and are there to...
  3. wisefox

    Favorite "Littles" thing!

    I don't really want plastic toys me neither. The closest things I like are plushies and some figurines. Other than that, what Il like the most are diapers and my kid's pyjamas, onesie or not.
  4. wisefox

    Not the typical DL furry, am I just that type around here?

    There are AB's even on the Furry section, you know. Please watch what you're saying, some may get offended. I will even add that a lot of people, especially the one who are new to this, have a hard time accepting themselves, so reading post like that is probably not helping.
  5. wisefox

    Do ABDLs have more memories of their childhood?

    My clear memoeries start at age 12 approx... I sometimes have a couple of flashbacks of before this age, but it's always pretty unclear. I sometimes think that I'm an AB because of my lack of memories and I want to relive my childhood. may this be possible?
  6. wisefox

    Meeting in real life.

    I totally agree with you, AEsahaettr. If I'm correct, ADISC is a community with the goal to share our (Fetish?) and help those among us who have questions and self-acceptance issues. trust me when I say that meeting someone, not in a sexual way, who is also into AB/DL stuff is great for the...
  7. wisefox

    Meeting in real life.

    Well I already reply to this post a couple days, talking about the little munch i went, but I think the post was erase, even if was took care of not breaking adisc rules... if it happens agains, is it possible for the mod who erase the post to warn the user and explain why? well, I won't repeat...
  8. wisefox

    my secret Dad, he'll never know

    I saw your post on my thread ''The best decisions I could take'', so I will try to explain how I told to my girlfriend. First of all, I choosed my moment. After reading your post, I would say this step is really important for you, because of his fear for everything that is related to pedophilia...
  9. wisefox

    The best decisions I could take

    Yes, I think I just have to give her more time... It was obvious, but I needed your opinion. Thank you!
  10. wisefox

    The best decisions I could take

    Well, that's exactly it, we live together since a couple of years and it's not often that we pass more than a day without seeing each other. And no, I don't want to wear around other people, I just don't want to have to hide and be shy at my own home.
  11. wisefox

    The best decisions I could take

    Yep, I finally told my girl about my AB/DL interest. She reacted a lot better than I expected! She's got no problem with me wearing Kiddish clothes and watching cartoon (that, she like it too) but despite what she's telling me, I noticed she have a hard time accepting the diapers. I wored just...
  12. wisefox

    Animal footed pjs

    sorry for the double post, but I didn't want to open a new thread for that. I found this: pokcosplay on Etsy Look interesting! what do you think?
  13. wisefox

    Animal footed pjs

    Yes, the racoon one look cute. If you say it worth it, I might consider buying it!
  14. wisefox

    Animal footed pjs

    I agree with you babygohan, if i could find one that look like Miles tails Prower, it would be an insta-buy!
  15. wisefox

    experiences with foreverakid?

    Well, this is pretty interesting to know because, two weeks ago, I email'ed her for some information about custom commands and I still haven't got an answer yet. I was starting to think that this site is a scam too, but reading that reassure me.
  16. wisefox

    First order!!!

    Yes I had a great service! Thank you bambinod I feel reassure now. and yes Pikachu, I'm pretty excited about this. I want to share something else. Since my girl isn't there, I'm now wearing a Atena super and I decided for the first time to wet it and keep it for a couple of hours. The first...
  17. wisefox

    First order!!!

    I ordered for the first time online!!! I took the bambino teddy and... I had to share this.:sweatdrop: Next, i think I will try the abu cushies. But I have a question for you. I read the reviews on the bambino and I was pretty confuse by the sizing of this brand. I have a waist of 38, so I...
  18. wisefox

    Child-Sized Clothing?

    I'm 6'2 and weight a little more than 200 and I fit into pyjamas size 18 year and sometimes 16. I recommend Sears, especially the brand Joe Boxer that cute design. If the material is strechy, you can fit in smaller size. I have a scooby doo 2 piece size 14-16 and it fits perfectly!:smile:
  19. wisefox

    What your favorite cartoon shows

    well, I don't have opportunity to watch a lot, so here's my short list: Sonic X (Obviously) Sonic underground Scooby Doo That's it, but I want to try the new Pokemon and something called Marsupilami I watch some adult cartoons though, mostly family guy and... don't think it count as a cartoon...
  20. wisefox


    Yes, crime or detective fiction, that's what I meant! sorry again, more used with french than english. I'm not sure who Terry Pratchett is, but i have a terrible memory with names. Of course, Shelock Holmes is a classic and I know Agatha Christie, even if I don't have read her a lot. Some of...