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  1. ShadyShepherd

    Is it me, or diapers are getting expensive?

    You should look at the cost per diaper and not what the cost of the case is. Also there is savings in buying in bulk just like in the big stores like costco or sams club. The more you order the cheaper per diaper.
  2. ShadyShepherd


    Yes I also believe that a wood crib has a sence of "homey" feel to it. And makeing a crib of wood would add a bit more style to the design but for that reason it takes a bit more time and work to make one that I would be proud of. Thank you for shareing your ideas on a wooden crib im geting...
  3. ShadyShepherd


    Potentially a little bit less but all depends on the spacing of rails on the crib. The closer the rails the more rails and therefor a few more bucks
  4. ShadyShepherd


    So I've been pondering the idea of making a few cribs and keeping one for myself then sell the rest to pay for some of my schooling. I am fairly skilled at welding and fabricating. I also have a wide variety of material i can use from my family supplier. I can pretty much make a crib any way...
  5. ShadyShepherd

    Looking to get my first AIO and need help

    I got my AIO at and im a 32 also and a medium fits me perfict but if u want to get a prefold as a soaker you can get a large. It has a PUL liner so it is dryer safe and super easy to wash. Hot wash cold rinse All Free and Clear deturgent and dry on a medium setting works...
  6. ShadyShepherd

    AIO Cloth diaper

    So last night I wet my Leakmaster Aio cloth diaper for the first time and it was amazing. It absorbed quite well event though I did not wash it before like your suppose to do with cloth diapers to get the full absorbency. It only leaked a little out the side but I didn't expect much this time...
  7. ShadyShepherd

    Thinking of Trying Cloth Diapers

    I am slowly makeing the switch to cloth diapers and bought a aio cloth diaper from and I love it I have yet to use it because I am worryed about having the opportunity to wash it due to I still live at home. Even though it is a bit pricy they are reusable and if it lasts you...
  8. ShadyShepherd

    Hewo from Indiana

    Hello my name is Shady Shepherd and im a Babyfur/Diaperfur. I am a studying Mechanical Engineering student at Purdue Calumet and love to fabricate machines with metal and wood. What brings me here is of course my love of pizza haha naw im here to share my experiences of how diapers affect my...