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  1. nappiebutt1993

    Not worn tena in a while but???

    I have not worn tena in a while, but is it just me or have they went really down hill with their PE backed nappies? Just thought i would try the tena ultima now i can get em in PE backed. It feels like if i squat i am going to tear a hole right up the back of the butt! Don't get me wrong they...
  2. nappiebutt1993

    Is there any difference between Bambino Belissimo, Classico and Teddy?

    Are there any real differences between these nappies other than their pattern? The last time i had all three i couldnt tell a difference?
  3. nappiebutt1993

    Anyone know of any events in Scotland?

    Hey Guys, i come across a profile on Fetlife about a monthly event called Littles lock in in Sugar Kane, which is in the after 8 swingers club in Edinburugh. It sounds quite fun and may want to go along. Has anyone ever been and have thoughts and experiences? Any other fun ABDL events in...
  4. nappiebutt1993

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I made this profile ages ago but i am back and basically new to the forum and would like to take the chance to say hello to everyone and tell a bit about myself! I have recently graduated from university and have a job in software engineering, i however want to transition into games...
  5. nappiebutt1993

    Someone should invent diaper tape.

    Someone should invent diaper tape that goes around the entire waist of the diaper once you have fastened it tightly. Im fed up of having to safety pin my tenas after a while because they keep falling down sometimes D:
  6. nappiebutt1993

    Nappied Gamers. How common and on what genre?

    Hey guys i want to find our what genres and how common ab/dl gamers are... Just a simple poll. I may say a few things but i play MMO/RPG and a few other genres too. My fav is FPS games though! You cant beat the immertion and awesomness of the fps perspective. My fav games are Battlefield...
  7. nappiebutt1993

    All Right Guys What is a furry?

    Hey guys i couldnt find the answer on the forums. Can someone tell me what a furry is? people are referring to them selfs as being furry's? Is it like an AB Animal or something? Like in tiger onesies and stuff?
  8. nappiebutt1993

    Are there any just plain DL girls on here?

    Hey guys ive noticed many of our female members are all AB's Are there any that are just plain DL's? Or Part time AB's?
  9. nappiebutt1993

    DL's Whats your favorite garment to wear over your nappies?

    Hey guys just a little fun post here on your favorite over-garments for a stealthy or a noticeable nappy day. Id like to know Your favorite concealment item, whether you wear undies too or not. Your favorite Relaxation item, Same as above well mine is: Jeans for my concealment item. its...
  10. nappiebutt1993

    just told my mother on the first day of getting my nappies!

    She was allright about it. this is so awesome i can understand why people wont tell their parents... but it was so easy for me because were close. So 2+ for me today!:biggrin:
  11. nappiebutt1993

    Today is the day!

    Hey guys i just baught some tena super maxi after a few kind felow ab/dl's helped me out, and im quaking with excitement on wearing my first nappie in 10 years! Il keep you all posted :biggrin:
  12. nappiebutt1993

    First time buyer, Need advice on choosing whats right for me.

    hey guys. i have been into nappies since i was 8 years old but had a long gap inbetween wearing them and now the urge has got to me. i loved wearing them. So im looking for a specific look of diaper... not to big nor to small, same with thickness. Nice and tidy. [Removed] Not too hard to...