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  1. LittleAbi

    Hello Everybody!

    Hi ryizan I'm more of an Adult Kid, too. My inner LG is about 6 / 7
  2. LittleAbi

    Have I found the right place?

    I've got several teddy bears, including one GREAT BIG one :smile1:
  3. LittleAbi

    Becoming a sissy... Advice and ideas?

    Couldn't agree more :-)
  4. LittleAbi

    Panty Cuts

    I don't like bikinis ... they're too brief for me. I always wear midis ...
  5. LittleAbi

    Have I found the right place?

    I hope I have. I'm a repressed TG / Sissy LG. I first realised I ought to be a girl over 40 years ago, but when I said something to my mum I was told "not to be so silly" ... and I never dared mention it again. I grew up wishing I could have been a girl ... but pushing this idea to the back...